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Jason Tate 02/22/12 04:01 PM

Gorillaz, Andre 3000, and James Murphy Song Leaks
A radio rip of the collaboration song between Gorillaz, Andre 3000, and James Murphy has leaked online.

Submitted by Aphasia17

Buscemi Knows Best 02/22/12 04:09 PM

hmm, I guess that's about what I pictured it would sound like?

thesinkingship 02/22/12 04:13 PM

Could have sworn this was already available to listen to a few days ago...

BTBAM777 02/22/12 04:18 PM

I almost thought this said Deltron 3030. What a letdown.

fbrrocks 02/22/12 05:04 PM

i love this

Chemical Love 02/22/12 05:27 PM

Really diggin' this song.

bandnamexmyname 02/22/12 05:50 PM

It's been available legally for streaming, but whatever.

Stuff's great.

EDIT: just kidding, same link.

gonfreaks 02/22/12 05:52 PM

As a pretty big fan of all three artists, I love this.

CollectiveConfusion 02/22/12 05:53 PM

Andre 3000 is still the best.

dash64 02/22/12 07:06 PM

That was...interesting.

gsmartin 02/22/12 07:10 PM

I think this is pretty great.

mattyrocks 02/22/12 07:32 PM



8SlicesOfPie 02/22/12 08:50 PM

That was dope.

fav781405 02/22/12 09:42 PM

Fucking great. More people need to hear this.

Shatter_Glass 02/22/12 10:46 PM

Love it, better than any Coke song we've heard. :D

Nice collab B-Rads.