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Jason Tate 02/24/12 03:42 PM

AP.net Artist Power Rankings (February 24th)
Ohhh, Friday. I am completely in this mood right now. I'm starving, but promised myself I'd get this written up before I got to go eat lunch. So, here we go - let's get these power rankings out the door so I can get some foods. I ran out of time last week to get one of these posted, so I went back into last week a little as well to put this together.

1) fun.
NoteThey released their new album and were all over the website this week. The band seems to be getting a whole lot of attention from our community, and the mainstream as well. Fuck yea, fun!

2) Brand New
NoteOne interview. One great way to start the week. And all this time I thought it was exclusively revealed that the band was breaking up. Can't wait to see what the guys come up with next. And they're playing Bamboozle.

3) Less Than Jake
NoteThe band released an EP, we streamed a tune, and they're playing Bamoozle too. Bam.

4) Chris Brown / Rihanna
NoteFuck this guy.

5) Thrice
NoteThe band announced their final tour routing, and is letting fans pick the set list. So bittersweet.

6) The Summer Set
NoteMost fucked up video, or most fucked up video?

7) The Used
NoteNew song stream, band shits on Warner Bros.

8) jonny CRAIG
NoteTrain. Wreck.

9) Skrillex
NoteBetween ETID commenting on him, and his love life hitting the web, and a new video - pretty big week for the dubstep super-star.

10) Streetlight Manifesto
NoteThey're boycotting themselves as a giant EFU to Victory Records.

Good times, eh? What did you enjoy this week on the website? Fun. week seemed to be in full effect. Ok, now I must go get some food -- then I'll be back to do posts of the week!

irthesteve 02/24/12 03:46 PM

Damn right fun. at one

MikeyJam 02/24/12 03:48 PM

pretty exciting stuff this week huh

CavanaughPark 02/24/12 03:48 PM

I love love love all the attention fun. is getting. It's harder to get tickets now though. Presale tickets for my show went up yesterday and the presale is already sold out.

RyanGarner 02/24/12 03:49 PM

Just can't get into fun. but the Thrice and Streetlight news was great.

Holly HoX! 02/24/12 03:57 PM

Where da comments at, playa?

Totally unrelated: listen to fucking No Age

Manufactured Dreams 02/24/12 03:58 PM

Wooohoooo fun.!

bandnamexmyname 02/24/12 04:02 PM

I didn't watch the Summer Set video and now I don't know what happened :-(

Thomas Nassiff 02/24/12 04:02 PM

Just watched that Summer Set video, what in the actual fuck at the end?!?! Less Than Jake probably got most of its points last week with the EP release and the tour starting. Not surprised at fun. considering we posted like 4 things about them every day lol. Go Streetlight!

blimpcityhero11 02/24/12 04:02 PM

Just watched The Summer Set video... What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Otherwise, pretty solid week with fun. selling big.

WhoSaidThat? 02/24/12 04:04 PM

"jonny CRAIG"

What you did there...

Drew Beringer 02/24/12 04:40 PM

also I gave fun.'s new album a great review!

kidinthebushes 02/24/12 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by bandnamexmyname (Post 103657682)
I didn't watch the Summer Set video and now I don't know what happened :-(


lp670sv 02/24/12 05:00 PM

now time to wait for POTW :popcorn:

jonwangcb 02/24/12 05:15 PM

Jason, what do you mean by "...all this time I thought it was exclusively revealed that [Brand New] was breaking up"?