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CellarGhosts 02/24/12 04:26 PM

Church Tongue - There Is Nothing You Can Say
Church Tongue - There Is Nothing You Can Say [EP]
Release Date: February 14, 2012
Record Label: Self-Released

Church Tongue is the latest project from Derry, New Hampshire-based musician Robert Pearsall. Originally a member of screamo outfit Alessa, Pearsall trades in the abrasive nature of Alessa's frantic hardcore energy for plaintive acoustic dirges and heart-on-sleeve lyrics.

How is it?
Owing much to the somber emotional landscapes of the likes of Carissa's Wierd and Owen, There Is Nothing You Can Say is a sobering exploration of the sadder side of the emotional coin, the teary-eyed acoustic strumming and crisp finger-picking invoking images of autumn at dusk, the dark illuminated by the flicker of crudely carved Jack-O-Lanterns and ropes of orange lightbulbs as you sit on a porch swing, pondering your life's pitfalls and shortcomings. This isn't your average Kinsella-worship act though, as the occasional curveball is thrown into the mix. Most notable is "Dumpkinhead: The Return", a track that showcases Pearsall's screamo background; featuring hoarsely screamed backing vocals juxtaposed against aggressive acoustic strumming.The EP's high point is "Coffin Shaped Candy", a bittersweet cut that is likely to raise a bit of a lump in the throat. Pearsall's emotional input into this EP is evident throughout, and it's a refreshing dose of sincerity that is often absent on your run-of-the-mill emo-acoustic record. If you're a fan of honest songwriting and the occasional evening spent sadding around, There Is Nothing You Can Say should by all means be your next stop.

Recommended if You LikeOwen's No Good For No One Now; Carissas Wierd's Songs About Leaving


vivatoto56 03/03/12 11:58 PM

I've been listening to this EP like crazy all week.

Love it.

SanePsychotic 03/04/12 11:03 AM