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Jason Tate 02/26/12 02:24 PM

Staff Recommendations: February 26th, 2012
So it's Sunday, late Sunday -- and I haven't gotten the Sunday recs up (yet). That's what happens when you eat too much and get distracted watching cartoons on Netflix. Yes, that's exactly what I was doing. Judge me all you want - it was awesome. Here's what that staff recommend this week; add yours below.

Jason TateI spent the week listening to Eve 6 to prepare for their upcoming album (Horrorscope is a long time favorite that I think holds up really well), and of course I was telling everyone I know to listen to the new fun album. So do that too. I am shouting down the hall to ask the wife what she recommends you check out. She says: Geographer, The Big Pink, and Matt and Kim. She's my guest for the day - check it out. I enjoyed the movie "Conversations with Other Women" on Netflix streaming the other night - so, if you're looking for something different to watch - very dialog driven - check that out.

Christian WagnerStray From The Path released such an amazing record in Rising Sun. Also got to see the new Warped Tour documentary and will have my thoughts up in the next couple of days on that. Check out a very catchy pop rock band called Catch Me If You Can that remind me of Cartel and old Hit The Lights. Now giving Race The Sun some love on my iPod...

BlakeBasement released an album late last year called I Wish I Could Stay Here that is very good. They are a Run For Cover band, so that should give you a hint at their sound, but it's pretty much well-done, 25 year-old pop-punk. I also spun The Hold Steady's Stay Positive this week, and was once again reminded how fun it is to listen to Craig Finn just tell stories. It always reminds me a lot of the lifestyle I lived in college (which maybe is an indictment I shouldn't make, but whatever). Visit that again if life is feeling a bit bland. Go out and make a bad decision or (if you're me this weekend) ten.

Adam PfleiderHaven't rec'd in a while. Been rocking fun.'s Some Nights a good bit. Also loving the new The Forecast record. Nothing's drastically changed, just another solid record by the quartet. Catchy hooks both lyrically and vocally. For a heavier side of things, Narrows' Painted is living up to my expectations. I find something new I love about it with every listen. Really glad Ryan Frederiksen is playing guitar in something again. Also rocking all the old Evergreen 7" records I found this week (now if someone will just sell me Seven Songs at a REASONABLE PRICE. Yes, I do know the back story as to why that record is expensive.)

Ryan GardnerNice and warm in Dallas this week. Therefore, I've been rocking Man Overboard and Handguns - saw them both last night - Every Avenue, and some good ol' Fall Out Boy.

Alex DiVincenzoI spent the last week or so going through Bright Eyes' discography.

cwhit412 02/26/12 02:25 PM

Wife digs good music. impressed.

nowFace 02/26/12 02:29 PM

Just got into Mo Mo. Highly recommend Waves and Pneuma.

Memphis 02/26/12 02:30 PM

Some Nights
Given to the Wild
All Things Must Pass

Jeff_Ryan 02/26/12 02:44 PM

Damien Jurado

owiseone35 02/26/12 02:45 PM

Been a Frightened Rabbit kind of week for me.

punchlinekid182 02/26/12 02:55 PM

Vanity score is a jam

algae 02/26/12 02:58 PM

Fuck these music recommendations, I want to know what cartoons you were watching.

t.web4 02/26/12 03:03 PM

Matt and Kim is always good. I listen to Grand quite frequently.

sweetforever 02/26/12 03:04 PM

fun. - Some Nights
Lovedrug - Wild Blood
Fall Out Boy - From Under The Corked Tree

AustinHoag 02/26/12 03:09 PM


Jason Tate 02/26/12 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by JamieTheSonger (Post 103727142)
Fuck these music recommendations, I want to know what cartoons you were watching.

Iron man. I am a giant child.

Amped 02/26/12 03:20 PM

fun. - Some Nights
Hit The Lights - Invicta
La Dispute - Somewhere at the Bottom

jordalsh 02/26/12 03:23 PM

Sooooommmeeee Niiiiiiiiiiights!

Jake Denning 02/26/12 03:25 PM


Originally Posted by JamieTheSonger (Post 103727142)
Fuck these music recommendations, I want to know what cartoons you were watching.

Adventure Time.