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punkcrap 03/03/12 04:04 PM

I don't know if anyone has already seen this, but it's a pretty good response to Pat's blog, by Brendan Kelly. It's worth reading if you are interested in this


And I really hope Pat reads this and realise he needs to overcome this situation somehow

mortal soldier 03/03/12 05:34 PM


Originally Posted by Alison1488 (Post 104095892)
This really was a sad read. To be honest, I fell off of the Fall Out Boy bandwagon after their first album. I was one of the fans that found them before they struck "big" and just couldn't keep up with the fan girls that I found so annoying. But to be honest, I never stopped and thought how it must feel for any band when they lose a bunch of fans after they had their seminal album. Patrick really put it into perspective. We all think that they're rolling in their dough and living this amazing lifestyle, so it must have no affect on them, but obviously they are people with egos that shatter as easily as the "normal" people do. I haven't kept a magnifying glass on Patrick's career, but I have caught pieces over the years and I think we can all agree he is super talented. I hope he really does find a way to get past this and keep making music. Sometimes, it takes hitting a rock bottom to come back even stronger and better. This may be exactly what he needs to gain favor again.

That all being said, that fans would pay for tickets to tell him he sucks to his face is disgusting. It's one thing to get on your little soap box and rant and rave on your blog, but to do it to his face? What is there to gain by putting him down? Does seeing the look on his face make you feel like a bigger person? I apologize to Patrick that he had to endure that. Truly, that is vile and heartbreaking.

EDIT: I heard "Sugar, We're Going Down" on the radio yesterday and got so excited and jammed out. Not all of your fans hate you. Keep on keeping on, Patrick.

100% right and also love love love the Front Bottoms ava.

Alison1488 03/03/12 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by mortal soldier (Post 104110452)
100% right and also love love love the Front Bottoms ava.

Glad to see people appreciating the Front Bottoms. :)

Mitch 03/05/12 12:29 AM

folie a deux is the only album of theirs i even like :shrug:

metroplex97 03/05/12 06:49 PM

I'm pretty sure more than half the people here can say they want Fall Out Boy to get back together, but going to concerts just to tell him how much he sucks without it is just ridiculous.
He is an fantastic artist with a fantastic band on hiatus, there are tons of musicians just like him, except we just can't let Fall Out Boy go. It's probably because he keeps making it clear that they probably will come back.
I don't know, I just think that if he keeps bringing it up, it'll never die down. Maybe that's his goal, to make sure that no one forgets about Fall Out Boy!
He doesn't deserve haters, and he should continue with his music, not many artist can do 2 completely different genres/ multiple instruments as well as he can, don't let that talent go to waste.

stereokiller 03/05/12 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by Mitch (Post 104168802)
folie a deux is the only album of theirs i even like :shrug:


kidding, but still not even Hum Hallelujah?

eightsailor 03/24/12 04:46 AM

I'm not the biggest fan of their stuff past Cork Tree, but I feel for the guy.

Tap Dat App 03/27/12 06:08 PM


Originally Posted by Clark (Post 103937452)
I still love you, Patrick. Folie a Deux is Fall Out Boy's best album, and I thoroughly enjoyed Soul Punk. Don't let them win. Keep going.

^_^ this to infinity (on high), lol lame fob pun -IM SO COOL GUYS

daniami 10/15/12 12:03 AM

I just want to cry reading this. I grew up on From Under The Cork Tree and Infinity on High before listening to older stuff. Listening to Folie a Deux for me was weird for the first few times, and now it's a favorite. I managed to see Fall Out Boy in concert maybe two or three months before they went on hiatus and it always has been and always will be my favorite concert, both because of the newer stuff and the nostalgic stuff. I can't even imagine someone being that hateful to try telling Patrick that he basically sucks outside of Fall Out Boy, he has one of the most unique and amazing voices that I'll always adore and enjoy.