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Manufactured Dreams 02/28/12 09:56 PM

HOW THE FUCK CAN ANYONE HATE FOLIE A DEUX??!!!! That just seems unreal to me! That album was amazing. FOB is definitely a great example that got better and better with each release. Just assholes don't appreciate shit cause its not pop punk enough.

And yes, I have gone from being sad to angry

fallingapart101 02/28/12 09:57 PM

Screw that if I had his talent of performing I would keep doing it. Yeah there will be people that will say this was better than this, but eh who cares do what you want. If people can't move on from that release they have problems or haven't grown up yet. He needs to start marketing himself to a different audience. Look at the Damned Things, Joe and Andy are playing to a different scene. Patrick just needs to go on to something different and play to a different crowd. I don't know what Soul Punk sounded like so I could be wrong that he tried to branch out.

Also same thing happened to Saves The Day, The Ataris, Juliana Theory, etc all those bands. People want to hear the "hits" and have the same album again that made them huge, but they as people want to move forward and most fans don't want them to. That is the problem with this scene, a lot of people can't really adapt to change.

jwicklun 02/28/12 09:57 PM

Seriously, Folie a Deux was critically panned? I thought it was one of their most well received album.

thebestkylever 02/28/12 09:58 PM

dear patrick,

throw away your computer or any other piece of technology you own that spits out the internet. ride a bike, write a story, play music, help others learn to play music, volunteer as much as you can, catch up with old friends, and start enjoying life as a monumentally talented individual. it's a gift, not a burden.

long time fan,


Manufactured Dreams 02/28/12 09:58 PM


Originally Posted by rhinitus (Post 103876552)
Yeah so that shit kinda tore me up. While the FOB records meant so much to me, people should really just get over it. Yes, Soul Punk is way different. I like some of it, don't like some of it. I donno...I guess I always thought Patrick deserved so much more respect than he got. While Pete was being Pete (I guess I don't mean that in a good way or a bad way) Patrick seemed to be presenting the music in a relatable way to everyone that wasn't 14. I think he'll be great regardless...just sad to see all these assholes get to him.

For what it's worth, I still get chills every time I hear Thriller.

I still remember the first time I heard that song. It made me feel... just incredible. If I could somehow live in that song I would.

Drew Beringer 02/28/12 09:59 PM

this really bums me out.

xburningcoffin 02/28/12 09:59 PM

well, thats a pretty depressing article, I am worried about the suicidal nature of this letter. and to all the people that buy tickets to harass him, that is the lowest, pathetic and immature thing I've heard in a long time. If you hate someone so much, why support them by attending their show? Sorry Patrick that our society made you feel so helpless, I may not be a fan but I don't think the way people treated you is tolerable. This is probably why Jesse Lacey only does interviews in Europe, some immature people on this side of the pond.

Spenny 02/28/12 09:59 PM

People have to realize that their words and actions truly do impact the artist. People tend to shrug it off, saying artists should learn to deal with haters, but I can completely understand where he's coming from.

I love every Fall Out Boy album for different reasons, and Folie a Deux was fantastic. I loved seeing them live after the album was released, it was one of my favourite shows I've been to. Soul Punk is brilliant as well, and Truant Wave had at least one song I absolutely adore (Porcelain). I hope he won't just disappear, it would be such a waste of a genuine talent.

BFH Drums 02/28/12 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by VoliminalX (Post 103877142)
You've been in college for 8 years and you've never heard the word posthumous before? Public education at it's best I guess.

How do you know I'm not a law student or a med student? Way to take what was a complimentary comment and be a stereotypical ap.net thread douchebag.

Larsfan 02/28/12 10:01 PM

This is so sad. The part about the kids buying tickets to tell him they hate him? God. What is wrong with people. I still spin Soul Punk regularly, it was one of my favorite albums last year. Patrick is one of the best musicians of our generation... just thinking of all that talent wasting away in a school hurts.

Rustash 02/28/12 10:01 PM

I wasn't aware of all the Folie a Deux hate. I actually liked that one a lot more than Infinity on High (which I thought was their absolute worst). Soul Punk may not have been my cup of tea, but I'm glad the guy was out doing what he loved. Don't give up Patrick, we still love you.

truthbetoldxx 02/28/12 10:03 PM

this is so depressing, major bum out. i love pat/fall out boy still. his new stuff isn't for me as much, but still, he's an awesome guy. hate to see him so sad.

LoginBanned 02/28/12 10:04 PM

Kind of a bummer. He seems like a really smart, self aware dude. I was a bit surprised to read Folie a deux (sp?) was a flop with critics and fans, I thought it was great and I usually hate when a band experiments with their sound.

jwicklun 02/28/12 10:04 PM

Seriously that shit where kids would buy tickets just to boo him pissed me off. People go through so much excessive lengths to put people down, shits ridiculous.

VoliminalX 02/28/12 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by BFH Drums (Post 103877722)
How do you know I'm not a law student or a med student? Way to take what was a complimentary comment and be a stereotypical ap.net thread douchebag.

If you were a med student, you would have heard it used when speaking about a patient dying. If you were in law you would've heard it in a class speaking about things involving a will, or in a case of something leading to somebodies death.