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Coverbydesign 02/28/12 10:05 PM

Just wtf why the hell would people spend money on a ticket to tell him he sucks and he should go back to being fat and sounding like the kid that did take this to your grave. Just really what fucked up kid would have the time to do that shit.

I have full respect for Patrick and everything he has done and will do.I saw him when he was in FOB doing VFW hall shows and touring in a shitty van and I saw him when he did his soul punk tour. And really I thought Soul Punk was a great album and I took it for what it was worth and nothing else. I did not think it was going to be another fall out boy album. I am not getting how all these stupid ass fall out boy fans are hating on him because he wants to do his own thing with his own flare and spice to it with out the Wentz magic touch.

But really I support him in anything he wants to do weather thats put another album out or just say screw it and try to get back into school and go get a degree in something. I feel the fall out boy fans that came in around the time they made it big will never be happy with anything he does unless he has Wentz next to him and they are playing FOB songs. I love how he gets hate but yet Wentz puts out horrid crap and he gets cheers from the hordes of girls that follow his every move.

Zack Zarrillo 02/28/12 10:07 PM

This was really difficult and sad to read throughout many points. Really respect Patrick for being able to open up entirely in that one post

incognitojones 02/28/12 10:08 PM

Dude's a great musician, hope he can write some songs for other people to perform. Get his work out there without a name directly attached, find out how people really feel about it without comparing it to something he's already done. Must suck.

tyler2tall147 02/28/12 10:08 PM

Was never a huge fall out boy fan. I liked some songs, but never thought they were anything special. I had listened to FUTCT and IOF occasionally since my brother was a big fan of the singles. I picked up Folie A Deux right around release date when Zune had it for a couple bucks. I love that record. That record got me "back" into Fall Out Boy. Within the past couple years I have also started to listen to TTTYG and loved it aswell, but for me FAD will always be the record that makes me consider myself a "Fall Out Boy" fan.

Who Is Ryan? 02/28/12 10:08 PM


rsk423 02/28/12 10:09 PM

This truly depressed me. I actually loved Folie a Deux! Sure their earlier works had more energy and nostalgia built into it, but it doesn't discredit what they accomplished as a band. Sadly I can't back Patrick's solo record. I just can't. I loved Spotlight and This City wasn't half bad. Other than that, I truly hope he keeps making music and I can hear his unique voice.

Keep your head up buddy!

kaylasananjou 02/28/12 10:09 PM

Any person who thinks it's okay to buy a ticket to a show to tell someone that their music sucks can go fuck themselves. Especially when those fucking kids will never be a sliver of what Patrick is. Reading that broke my heart, and I think it's absolutely despicable the way people seem to forget that musicians and other famous people are human beings with emotions and feelings.

JuneJuly 02/28/12 10:09 PM


dmcaloon 02/28/12 10:11 PM

Really sad. Folie A Deux was brilliant. Soul Punk may not have been my thing, but you can't deny that the man is talented. To say he sucks really shows the snobby elitism in those people. I hope there are a lot more fans of his work both today and in the past to show him that sticking to it (Fall Out Boy, a solo record, anything really) is a good idea. This guy is a genius, one of my favorite musicians, and a huge influence and inspiration, and to see him fade from the music scene would be a tragedy.

AgainstTheCurrent 02/28/12 10:12 PM

I've grown to really understand that FOB is one of the most tragically under-appreciated bands in the past ten years.

Pretty much everyone around me HATED them, and I just conformed to that mindset until I decided to ACTUALLY check out FUTCT and I fell in love. I just don't understand how people can pass the band off as a "bullshit pop-punk band". There are so many bands that deserve that, but not FOB. I will never understand why they received the hate they did. Maybe because the vulnerable nature of their music, and I'm a heart-on-my-sleeve type of person. I'm not sure.

untitled94 02/28/12 10:13 PM

After reading that I just wanna take the dude out for a beer and remind him to say fuck the world.

He is an amazing singer and should be proud of what he's done. It's sad people give off such negativity but that should be given no thought. Doesn't deserve to feel that way. TTTYG is one of my favorite albums but I would never want a band to write the same album twice. I wish him the best.

philbylink 02/28/12 10:13 PM

soul punk was brilliant. fuck the kids he's talking about in this post. i hope he finds his peace.

cubine 02/28/12 10:14 PM

I didn't think Soul Punk was a bad record. Bummer to hear he didn't get far with it.

I'm still not sure why he doesn't follow Andy, Joe and Pete's lead and try starting a new project. I think the reason he took so much shit (undeservedly) was because he was doing a solo act instead of a new band, and I don't think Andy and Joe face anywhere near the same level of hate in TDT because they're playing in a band.

But, fuck it, they should just do an Arma Angelus reunion.

Mattylikesfilms 02/28/12 10:15 PM

I don't know about everyone else, but Folie is my favorite album by these guys.

It's an amazing album.

Festivus 02/28/12 10:15 PM

What a bummer. I can't believe people would buy tickets to a solo show to tell him to go back to Fall Out Boy. I will admit that I am not the biggest Fall Out Boy fan by any means, and I am not familiar with his solo output, but I do know that guy is gifted, and it pains me to think that someone who is so immensely talented (seriously what I wouldn't give to have even a little bit of musicianship) is thinking of hanging it all up.