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Deborah Remus 03/01/12 05:35 PM

New Strung Out Video
Strung Out's music video for "City Lights" can be seen in the replies.

Deborah Remus 03/01/12 05:35 PM

crutchfield 03/01/12 05:43 PM

Love this band.

March_Faster!! 03/01/12 05:57 PM


Originally Posted by crutchfield (Post 104008282)
Love this band.

Oh amen. I get goosebumps listening to their music. They should be fuckin' HUGE, but alas, the world is an odd place.

crutchfield 03/01/12 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by March_Faster!! (Post 104009252)
Oh amen. I get goosebumps listening to their music. They should be fuckin' HUGE, but alas, the world is an odd place.

Saw them last may. They played so tight and everyone there had a ball.

risew/thefallen 03/01/12 06:17 PM

strung out is just that band that shreds it live, makes the catchiest songs, and keeps it freakin' real. been a favorite of mine for quite some time now.

formated4tv 03/01/12 06:39 PM

The Christmas lights look fucking awesome reflected in the cymbals.

I LOVEEEE this band, and even though all of their videos are pretty much the same, this one is awesome as always.

timorous_me 03/01/12 07:12 PM

I shot a Stripped Down Session with Jason Cruz of Strung Out a few weeks back. Real nice dude:

s2h72 03/01/12 07:21 PM

great band

astaticskyline 03/01/12 07:52 PM

This band has always been, and still is, criminally underrated.

T-Lloyd 03/01/12 08:06 PM

One of my favourite all time bands. I do have to say though that the last few releases have kind of bummed me out a touch because Jason keeps on seeing about "we".....feels like its become a lot less personal. Same thing happened to Rise Against as well, they started singing songs for people rather than for themselves. Agents of the underground was an amazing record though, but still I miss the personal expressions of twisted and american paradox.

jdunks 03/01/12 11:39 PM

This was one of those songs where I knew I was going to love it the first time I heard it. Great stuff.

RyanFTW 03/02/12 12:05 AM

Strung Out works hard, makes amazing fucking music, and they are generally blowing out whatever band they are playing with that night.

smoke4thecaper 03/02/12 01:02 AM

Really love this band -- great video, too. Severely overlooked, hard-working, genuine. If you want a band who can shred and deliver melodies on par with some of the best you've ever heard? They have plenty.

stevieoao 03/02/12 02:35 AM

I was surprised this band didn't pop up anywhere on the 'underrated bands thread' the other day. So so so so so good and as mentioned criminaly underrated.