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RyanFTW 03/02/12 02:59 AM


Originally Posted by stevieoao (Post 104034112)
I was surprised this band didn't pop up anywhere on the 'underrated bands thread' the other day. So so so so so good and as mentioned criminaly underrated.

No one mentioned it because they do have their place in the Pantheon of Modern Punk. They certainly are underrated in the grand scheme of things. But they are spoken of very highly in the punk scene, and that is probably enough for them.

lew_1987 03/02/12 05:32 AM


TSLataris 03/02/12 06:25 AM

Awesome, as always. They're all so fucking musically talented.

crutchfield 03/02/12 08:09 AM


Originally Posted by timorous_me (Post 104014942)
I shot a Stripped Down Session with Jason Cruz of Strung Out a few weeks back. Real nice dude:

Thanks for posting this man. Nice work

NationalProduct 03/02/12 10:35 AM

love this shit

fallenreilly 03/02/12 01:09 PM

well shot video, the lights look rad. i definitely think they coulda chose a better song for a video, but either way i love it. strung out is hands down one of my fav punk bands ever. just saw them at the galaxy with death by stereo and they both killed it. up the punx!