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Jason Tate 03/02/12 12:39 PM

MerchNow Sale
MerchNow is having a large sale and offering $1.99 shipping.

Submitted by Jay Evan

zachff 03/02/12 12:48 PM

If I wore a youth large I'd be killing it right now.

cwhit412 03/02/12 01:01 PM

Actually looking through this.

The Graduate has a cool shirt for 6 bucks, not including the shipping, but it's brown, which is such a bad color to match with things.
Awesome TREOS shirts for 5-6 bucks too.
Thursday has shirts for 3 bucks. damn

rawesome 03/02/12 01:10 PM

Holy shit, thank you so much. Picked up Cursive, Piebald, and Loved Ones shirts.

buddah knome 03/02/12 01:16 PM

For people who bought stuff: Did the $1.99 shipping just pop up for you? Im in checkout right now but i see no 1.99 shipping.

cwhit412 03/02/12 01:23 PM

99 cent Damiera shirts? Holy fuckkkk.

HeyItsAllyssa 03/02/12 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by zachff (Post 104054712)
If I wore a youth large I'd be killing it right now.


kylecrawford 03/02/12 01:27 PM

basically its $1.99 shipping for your entire order. Your entire order must be made up of clearance items. Pretty sure if you add something that isn't on clearance then the shipping amount changes.

hope that helps

Alex DiVincenzo 03/02/12 01:32 PM

Not a lot of medium shirts, but some great deals to be had no doubt.

NickIsI 03/02/12 01:36 PM

Everything I looked at wasn't available in normal human sizes, so I'll be passing.

Edit: Found some Hour of the Wolf, Lifetime, and Terror stuff in Mediums, but then decided I didn't really like the designs or need the stuff, I was only going to order because it was cheap. So i decided to save the $30. Will be better spent on Mass Effect 3 next Tuesday.

glEnntropy 03/02/12 01:37 PM

I ordered a small TREOS shirt. Hopefully it's not too small. Also a sweet Armor For Sleep shirt.

j1887m 03/02/12 01:51 PM

Last year when they did this I picked up a bunch o shirts. This year nothing looks good..

KenneyBN 03/02/12 01:59 PM

is it only 1.99 shipping for the US?

circletheworld 03/02/12 02:07 PM

not a medium to be had... :(

Buscemi Knows Best 03/02/12 03:39 PM

thanks for posting jason, was able to grab two hoodies and a shirt for 20 bucks with shipping. did I need the shit? no. but the economy needs me.