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wall e 03/02/12 03:42 PM

Maybe I'll grab some cheap Thrice hoodies.

whiterussian 03/02/12 04:24 PM

that "throctopus" thrice tee is pretty sweet, too bad it was only in YL.

shimmyshakes 03/02/12 04:51 PM

50 cents for a dear and the headlights womens small if anyones interested.

Moira Amiss 03/02/12 05:34 PM

$0.49 for Finch's Say Hello to Sunshine????!!! If you slept on that album, you better get it now! Phenomenal album for two quarters.

ibanez966 03/02/12 06:17 PM

Jason you owe me $70

Supernova 03/02/12 06:48 PM

There goes $75. Never had an Armor For Sleep shirt until now. >_>

My wife will be rocking that ""throctopus" Thrice shirt. Too bad they sold out of that Finch album.

Spencer Control 03/02/12 08:31 PM


Originally Posted by Buscemi Knows Best (Post 104065472)
thanks for posting jason, was able to grab two hoodies and a shirt for 20 bucks with shipping. did I need the shit? no. but the economy needs me.

Buscemi <3

Anyway checking this out, then gonna do a split order with a bro.

WeltallAY 03/02/12 10:27 PM

Is there any way to filter "clearance CDs" ONLY? I don't give a rat's ass about the other items but I will be on this like flies on shit if there is an easy way to view on sale CD.

Gumbyjag 03/03/12 02:54 AM

Fuck my life I will be buying too much of this shit. Love when MerchNow does this.

JinxRemoving 03/03/12 06:05 AM

So glad I wear youth sizes right now.

LightTheFuse 03/03/12 07:05 AM

Spent $12.49, including shipping, for 3 The Dear & Departed shirts. Pretty sweet deal.

LastDeclaration 03/03/12 06:52 PM

picked up crazy swag last year during this, and that was at the very end. i'm pumped to have a head start this year. i was planning to spend my paycheck on a CPU, but i guess that PC builds gonna have to be put off for another month...

bobxplay5 03/03/12 09:20 PM

Seriously one of the best sales of the year, so glad they did this again! :thumbup:

MILFCORE 03/04/12 09:12 AM

I supposed 1.99 is US-only...?