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johnnyferris 03/05/12 05:14 PM

That's good for I the Breather. Their new album is great.

kskillzz 03/05/12 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by swboyd (Post 104198512)
I've heard rumors that the unannounced band is Periphery...that might actually cause me to go.

If thats true that might be enough for me to go as well.

StephenYoung 03/05/12 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by Roboman (Post 104200132)
Bah, it's not like I clicked on the link anyway.

Well, that's the first problem.

And Underoath don't have problems with secular bands. Pretty sure them and NOFX became buddies after the incident.

GlassyLight 03/05/12 06:10 PM

Wildly amused at the apparent complete apathy towards the immortal Motorhead. For the love of all things metal, make a trek to see these guys - if not for the kickass music, do it to see how horrifically loud a show can get. I guarantee you've never heard a show that loud before unless you've seen Motorhead.