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Dre Okorley 03/07/12 02:06 PM

Verse To Begin Recording New Album
Verse will begin recording their new album on March 12th, titled Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace. It will be released this summer on Bridge 9.

shawnPLAGUES 03/07/12 02:13 PM

Very excited.

futurebreed 03/07/12 02:26 PM

Fuck. yes.

signal to noise 03/07/12 02:44 PM

full of songs about breaking edge.

GetUpAndrew 03/07/12 03:00 PM

Definitely lookin' forward to this.

InTheatersNow 03/07/12 03:03 PM

Woop Woop

circletheworld 03/07/12 03:25 PM

cityian 03/07/12 06:44 PM

i'm ready

Alex DiVincenzo 03/07/12 07:30 PM


Mr. November 03/07/12 08:04 PM

Probably gonna sound like Defeater

Jason Gardner 03/07/12 08:54 PM

Fuck yeah shit yeah.

ambulance 03/07/12 10:51 PM

I completely missed the news that these guys are back so this just blew my mind. So happy that these guys are making music again.

crimes 03/08/12 08:10 AM


inthemidst 03/08/12 09:15 AM

Had no idea they were back together. Good for them.

AbsentTruth 03/08/12 03:05 PM

Awesome. I had no idea they got back together.

howthegodschill 03/09/12 07:38 AM

I thought Aggression was a snore fest. If this is a 'natural progression' like they say its going to be, Ill be out cold before the first song ends.