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Jason Gardner 03/08/12 11:08 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Break Anchor Song Stream
Our song stream comes from Break Anchor, which is Jay Navarro from the Suicide Machines' brand-new pop-punk band. The band will release Blackhearts and Blackouts, its debut 7" for Paper + Plastick Records, on March 20th, and you can stream a new song from the EP called "All I Have" on their AP.net Profile or in the replies. The label will be doing a full stream of the EP and have preorders up next week.

Jason Gardner 03/08/12 11:09 AM

All I Have

ZeroGeek1979 03/08/12 12:39 PM

Being from Detroit, but not living there anymore, I've missed seeing the Suicide Machines the last couple years which has bummed me out. This might be something to hold me over.

Joey-Wan Kenobi 03/08/12 01:05 PM

I'm ridiculously amped on this band. I feel like a giant fan-girl with Navarro, but his last couple projects have been absolutely killer.

oldskool 03/08/12 01:10 PM

Awesome song, can't wait to hear more!

guitarguy211 03/08/12 01:14 PM

Good song--Id listen to more from him.

ChaseTx 03/08/12 03:10 PM

This sound reminds me of middle school. Not too bad. I'll check in for the full stream.

prefix-core 03/08/12 08:12 PM

Really fuckin' stoked for this release. Come ooon, pre-orders!

NickIsI 03/09/12 05:19 AM

Would rather have another Hellmouth record.