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Rafael Moriel 03/26/12 01:47 PM

One of the most promising bands Rise Records has signed in the past few months. It's good to hear something different in Rise's catalog that's not in the metal/hardcore genre and even though this album has it's flaws, I like it.

Sean Rizzo 03/31/12 03:07 PM

Not sure how this can be considered the best in any sense. There are so many better artists.

SeeingHourglass 06/09/12 10:03 AM

Great debut album, I agree. It's well-developed and catchy, but... it is a little uniform throughout. An earlier person said they were worn out from it after 3/4 of the album, and I see where he is coming from. Still an impressive debut, though, for sure.

Mt Delicious 03/05/13 09:45 AM

I agree with almost every point of this review. Except for one that I believe somebody already pointed out to you. Trenton, keep in mind he is an amazing vocalist and absolutely is the highlight of this album, does not exceed the ability of Jonny and Tyler. In Lion Skin he certainly exceeds their 20 second or so part, but in no way exceeds the talent level of the two vocalists... yet. He does however have much more lyrical talent, which I also rated as a 10. Perfect story telling type lyrics.