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Joe DeAndrea 03/12/12 08:40 AM

We Are the In Crowd Song Stream
We Are the In Crowd's new version of "Kiss Me Again" featuring Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low can be heard here.

uglystar03 03/12/12 08:42 AM

Meh. I prefer the original version. I'm not sure this will really help them. Most of All Time Low's fans already know who they are. All Time Low has not fared too well on the charts, so I'm not sure why this would improve WATIC's chart performance.

boomer08 03/12/12 09:05 AM

Maybe they just wanted to do it for fun because they're friends. Not everything has to be centered around chart success and money. They could put Mark Hoppus in a song (as we've seen with Tonight Alive) and they're still not gonna blow up.

dumpweed41 03/12/12 09:16 AM

Annnnnnnnnnd it's not available in my region. Stupid MTV. Still haven't heard Victoria, either.

HeyItsAllyssa 03/12/12 09:37 AM

I actually really like this version. Alex and Tay's voices flow together better, in my opinion.

guitarguy211 03/12/12 09:42 AM

I dont know that the purpose of this was to use ATL's success for themselves.

As for the song, it's alright...I don't really have a preference for either one.

the new dancer 03/12/12 10:27 AM

I think I prefer the original to this new version. it might be because I'm used to hearing Jordan's voice and I like hearing his voice, or it could be because for reasons I don't know yet.
It doesn't seem they have changed anything about it other than letting Alex sing in it. Maybe come tomorrow when it is released on ITunes I can give it the attention it deserves to come to a more complete conclusion.

Alex DiVincenzo 03/12/12 10:35 AM

I too prefer the original, but I hope this gets them a ton of exposure.

saddr weirdr 03/12/12 10:46 AM

So much autotune. Also, it's such a boring song imo.

HCO SF 87 03/12/12 10:58 AM

This band is never gonna blow up unless they step their game up. As they are now, they're just not as catchy as similar bands in the scene. (ATL, Every Avenue, Mayday Parade, etc.)

Christian Wagner 03/12/12 11:17 AM

This band does no wrong. So good.

HeyItsAllyssa 03/12/12 11:25 AM

The video will probably make people like this version better. People 'ship Tay and Alex like crazy

OpenIntro 03/12/12 11:55 AM

original > new

Manufactured Dreams 03/12/12 12:00 PM


cwhit412 03/12/12 12:13 PM

One of my least favorite songs by the band. Whole LP was a bit of a disappointment, except the first and last tracks.