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Jason Tate 03/12/12 06:35 PM

Hawthorne Heights Giving Away Hate
Hawthorne Heights are giving away their EP, Hate, for free - right here.

Submitted by buddah knome

buddah knome 03/12/12 06:38 PM

If you haven't checked out this ep yet you really should. it's in my top 3 releases of last year and since it's free there is no reason to not give it a listen!

PunkInfluence09 03/12/12 06:39 PM

If you don't have this already, you might as well get it now.

This was a wonderful EP. Kind of shocked that it's going free, but like I said... Get it. Now. You won't regret it.

Chris_B 03/12/12 06:43 PM

Will definitely give it a listen. Considering torrenting it though seeing how slow the download speed is -.-

emerson1892 03/12/12 06:55 PM

I won't even listen to a free copy of this,,,,

Saephon 03/12/12 07:03 PM

I was never a big HH fan...I thought their first two albums were okay, but a little too whiny/cliched. This EP, however, is great. If they continue to make music like this, I'll consider myself a fan.

Penguin 03/12/12 07:13 PM

Awesome EP! Everyone should listen.

PulmonaryArchry 03/12/12 07:14 PM

This thing is downloading at 560 bytes/second. I think I'll just pirate it.

Amongster 03/12/12 07:26 PM

This is EP is the best release of their career. I'd highly encourage everyone to listen.

Quijiba 03/12/12 07:34 PM

pretty great EP. For free everyone should download this

Clark 03/12/12 07:37 PM

If I thought their last album was painfully boring, is there any chance I'll enjoy this?

richrad 03/12/12 07:38 PM

There's a couple really great tracks on this one.

guitarguy211 03/12/12 07:40 PM

Is the download not working for anyone else? I can understand slow speeds, but its plain not working for me.

Spencer Control 03/12/12 07:45 PM

I used to love this band, then got way over them. Still, I'll give this a listen; I never snub free music, especially not with some of the praise I'm already seeing on the board.

PunkInfluence09 03/12/12 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by Clark (Post 104611742)
If I thought their last album was painfully boring, is there any chance I'll enjoy this?

Yes there really is. This is a completely different direction compared to their last full length. I know a lot of scene kiddies got pissed at this release because it wasn't the same as their most recent LP. Plus, it's free. Download it and if you don't like it, just delete it. My favorite song? Oceans