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Jake Denning 03/12/12 09:13 PM

Upon A Burning Body Takes A Trip To Sin City
Hit the replies to check out a new song from Upon A Burning Body, titled "Sin City," off their brand new album Red.White.Green. -- in stores April 10th, on Sumerian Records.

Jake Denning 03/12/12 09:15 PM

more heart 03/12/12 09:27 PM

I was just spinning The World Is Ours a couple days ago. No doubt this record is gonna rule as well.

subplotofcrows 03/12/12 09:36 PM

The World Is Ours was such a sick record, with every song being fantastic. This song is really good; sounds different, but it's still heavy. UABB is one of the few newer heavy bands I can get into.

iAMhollyood315 03/12/12 09:51 PM

1:14 bass drop and breakdown is sick.

WeltallAY 03/12/12 09:52 PM

Tis a great time for heavy music. I want every CD that appears on that "press play" screen.

johnnyferris 03/12/12 11:13 PM

Wow, that was good.

dawgkta6669 03/13/12 12:28 AM

sounds like old Job For A Cowboy. me likey

thedaywedied 03/13/12 12:44 AM

"Life sucks and then you die."

I laughed to the point of tears when I heard this.
Then I listened to this song 3 more times.

UABB can do little wrong.

SourStuff 03/13/12 01:18 AM

Surprised this would receive praise here... I don't think this is anything special.

heron182 03/13/12 03:16 AM

Hardworking dudes i remember seeing them back in the day they have come a long way and i am stoked on this new album

TelleTWA 03/13/12 05:22 AM

So good, I've heard their entire new album and it all rules. Great dudes and they deserve to have a big year!

ChaseTx 03/13/12 06:33 AM

New jams! UABB is definitely the most "br00tal" thing I listen to, but they warrant it. Unlike most screamers in this genre, every word Danny says is easily comprehensible. Wish his lyrics were better though haha

Naenia 03/13/12 08:40 AM

Wait wait wait, a heavy band yet to receive any negative feedback?


Hell, to see any band without anything negative is a huge plus for this site.

Considering my avatarm I was likely always going to be into this but, honestly, I adore the new song and "Red. White. Green" is my most anticipated of 2012.

JordanKTM 03/13/12 09:42 AM