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Jason Tate 03/14/12 11:23 AM

Strung Out Guitarist Marries Girlfriend on Stage
Strung Out guitarist Jake Kiley married his girlfriend Eliza on stage, in the middle of a show, last week. Bad Religion's Greg Hetson acted as officiant, Bad Religion's Brooks Wackerman acted as best man, and The Used's Bert McCracken stood in as the bridesmaid. Congratulations to the couple!

Jason Tate 03/14/12 11:23 AM

Halpertwannabe 03/14/12 11:28 AM

Fuck and I'm still a virgin

abbreviation 03/14/12 11:35 AM


sntnvmbr 03/14/12 11:38 AM

Haha this just about tops the time Fat Mike shaved off JR's (Less Than Jake) hair on stage.

Jake Jenkins 03/14/12 11:45 AM

hahaha thats great

JuneJuly 03/14/12 11:52 AM

Bert would be a bridesmaid.

formated4tv 03/14/12 11:55 AM

Jake's been one of my favorite guitarists for a LONG time, along with Strung Out being one of my favorite bands forever.

This is awesome for me.

Add obligatory "Turn your fucking iPhone" comment.

saintnumberfive 03/14/12 12:27 PM

That's pretty cool.

Asthenia-182 03/14/12 01:12 PM


Originally Posted by JuneJuly (Post 104715302)
Bert would be a bridesmaid.


crutchfield 03/14/12 02:01 PM

So rad. Live s.o. best musicians nicest dudes.

SuNDaYSTaR 03/14/12 02:06 PM

What an ugly bridesmaid.

caraeryn 03/14/12 02:47 PM

Classic Bert.

oceanblue 03/14/12 05:40 PM


Starbursting 03/15/12 03:09 AM

This is awesome!