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Jason Tate 03/14/12 12:50 PM

The Vandals' Joe Escalante Running for Judge
The Vandals guitarist (and lawyer by day) Joe Escalante is looking to become a judge in LA County.
From the ArticleI'm still smarting from a defending frivolous lawsuit for eight years so I want to effect change. I beat Fulbright & Jaworski and a giant media company that actually owns LexisNexis as well as Variety. They have 900 attorneys in their firm and I beat them in Federal Court, representing me, the band, the members and the record label. Whether I win or lose. I just want my campaign to make a difference. I do. I've watched too much corruption go on around me for too long and I really want to make a difference. When voters look at a ballot, they should know who they are voting for and I'm working hard so that they can get to know me. Once they do, I think they'll realize I deserve it.


imposs1ble 03/14/12 01:02 PM

Can this please be made into a daytime tv court show? "Kung Fu Judge?"

icynova 03/14/12 01:14 PM

AWESOME. I would vote for him.

TooOLDforAP.Net 03/14/12 01:21 PM

Warren would be better at this.... mostly because he would do it naked

TheDemosRock 03/14/12 01:26 PM

This is too cool.

canvasisabttfld 03/14/12 01:35 PM

yes! good luck Joe!

kemichels 03/14/12 02:05 PM

Dear Mr. Escalante,

Can I be your judicial clerk if you get elected?


An-almost-3L at the University of Minnesota Law School

Deartragedy88 03/14/12 03:00 PM

Very cool

abusedcat 03/14/12 03:06 PM

Pretty awesome, but Joe's actually the Vandals bassist, not guitarist.

Tony 03/14/12 03:14 PM

Just to get the information out there, dude is pretty conservative Catholic. His blog dabbles in some hyperbolic right-wing rhetoric, and I'd question his ability to keep his faith out of the legal decisions he'd be making (and has been making for the past couple years as a temporary judge). And his blog's tagline ("If you knew what I knew, you'd want to be Catholic") is so fucking arrogant, it's disgusting. Based on the issues, I wouldn't vote for him. The fact that he's in a band that I used to like 15 years ago is moot.

Rob Hrx 03/14/12 04:04 PM

If I could vote, I would: go Joe! To beat such a huge firm, representing himself... that's pretty amazing.

AP_Punk 03/14/12 04:19 PM

anarchy burger (hold the government)!

bladerdude360 03/14/12 05:17 PM

Pretty interesting.

heyzombiehitler 03/14/12 05:28 PM

He didn't sell out, he bought in.

DandonTRJ 03/14/12 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by kemichels (Post 104725202)
Dear Mr. Escalante,

Can I be your judicial clerk if you get elected?


An-almost-3L at the University of Minnesota Law School

Me first.

A 3L at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles