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Adrian Villagomez 09/21/07 06:05 PM

Entertainment Round-Up (09/21/07)
Check out the replies to view and discuss this week in Movie, Television, Video Game, and DVD news.

Adrian Villagomez 09/21/07 06:05 PM

Entertainment Round-UpIndustry News and Rumors:


01) Here are the box office numbers for last weekend:

01. The Brave One $13,471,488 $13,471,488
02. 3:10 to Yuma $8,930,889 $28,330,228
03. Mr. Woodcock $8,761,369 $8,761,369
04. Superbad $5,105,184 $111,241,228
05. Dragon Wars (D-War) $5,041,239 $5,041,239
06. Halloween $4,867,522 $51,120,587
07. The Bourne Ultimatum $4,125,380 $216,167,260
08. Balls of Fury $3,324,001 $28,859,451
09. Rush Hour 3 $3,303,341 $133,158,932
10. Mr. Bean's Holiday $2,726,475 $28,545,470

02) The creator of Donnie Darko has set Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seann William Scott, Mandy Moore, Justin Timberlake and Kevin Smith to star in the end of the world action movie Southland Tales.

03) Chris Tucker will play George Jacobs in the movie adaptation of Mr. S: My Life With Frank Sinatra, a tell-all written by Jacobs, Frank Sinatra's valet, and William Stadiem. The book gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at Sinatra and the Rat Pack.

04) Brad Pitt is in talks to replace Matt Damon (who's schedule is too full to take on another project) to co-star with Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter, a boxing biopic being helmed by Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream).

05) George Miller has been confirmed to direct Warner Bros.' Justice League of America. The movie will be "an effects heavy live-action film" and should be ready for cameras early 2008.

06) Wolfgang Petersen is still onboard to direct the movie adaptation of Orson Scott Card's sci-fi novel Ender's Game. Petersen states, "[Ender's Game is] a very, very tricky adaptation and an incredibly fascinating concept, but I still think that one day, I will do Ender's Game. I just recently had a meeting with Orson Scott Card. But we're hanging in there and, yes, we will do that picture."

07) Giovanni Ribisi (Perfect Stranger, Gone in 60 Seconds) has joined the cast of James Cameron's Avatar.

08) The Dark Knight will shoot in Hong Kong after filming completes in Britain and Chicago. Some of the areas expected to be filmed include the Central-Mid-Levels escalator, some parts of Queen's Road Central, and The Centre.

09) Perhaps some of you have seen the German film Das Experiment, which is based on the Stanford prison experiment, a psychological study which resulted in psychologically damaging situations and "genuine" sadistic results. Watch it, and then prepare for the American version.

10) September 24 is a time for Heroes.

11) Dexter in the Dark, the latest book in the series that spawned Showtime's Dexter, is now available in stores.

12) The upcoming, untitled Star Wars live action television show will take place between Episodes III and IV of the movie series, the time after the Empire has taken over. George Lucas commented on the show's setting recently: "It's like Episode IV in that the Emperor and Darth Vader are heard about — people talk about them — but you never see them because it doesn't take place where they actually are. There are stormtroopers and all that, but there are no Jedis. It's different, but I think it's very exciting because I get to explore a part of that universe that I haven't been able to explore."

13) Former Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham has signed a "massive seven figure deal" with NBC to create a new project with the network.

14) Hollywood Gang Prods. (300, upcoming Ronin graphic novel adaptation) are remaking the 1978 mercenary movie The Wild Geese.

15) List of Primetime Emmy Award winners: simple | complex.

16) Platinum Dunes is pushing to release their Friday the 13th movie into production by early 2008, before the actors, writers, and directors strike occurs next year

17) Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal are in talk to star in Brothers, a war drama that finds one brother sent to fight in Afghanistan while his black-sheep brother takes care of his wife and child.

18) Max Makowski (One Last Dance) will direct Kung Fu in addition to Shinobi.

19) Thor director Matthew Vaughn has comic-rific plans for the Marvel god: "...it's not going to be like Lord of the Rings or even Narnia. I think it's important to keep it comic book. We're not doing the Thor of Norse mythology. We're doing the Marvel Thor."

20) Leave TV alone!

Video Game

01) Hudson Soft is working on a new mini-game title for the PSP this January called Bomberman Land.

02) Sony has announced the Dual Shock 3, which will support rumble in addition to motion sensing. A few rumble ready titles have been revealed thus far: Metal Gear Solid 4 (and MGS Online), Devil May Cry 4, echochrome, Ratchet & Clank Future, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Dynasty Warriors 6.

03) Kojima Productions will not be releasing a demo for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in the near future, and perhaps not ever.

04) Microsoft is shifting its foreign focus from Japan, the world's second-largest gaming economy, to Europe. Microsoft Xbox group product manager Aaron Greenberg says, "Europe is our priority focus right now."

05) The single-player Crysis demo, which was scheduled for a September 25 release, has been pushed back to October 26 and will come packaged with the CryEngine 2 game editor.

06) A Blue Dragon is headed to the Nintendo DS.

07) Yakuza 2 will be released on the PlayStation 2 in 2008.

08) Kojima Productions has announced a new title for the PSP - a sequel to Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

09) Evolution Studios is working on MotorStorm 2 for the PlayStation 3. The company is also working on additional downloadable content for the first MotorStorm.

10) Square Enix has revealed a new title for the Nintendo DS titled Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days.

11) Big week for MGS news - Metal Gear Online will be its own title and come bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4

12) Square Enix is working on a fighting game featuring various characters from the Final Fantasy universe(s). Confirmed character: Zidane, Kuja, Sephiroth, Garland, and Squall.

13) Home, the upcoming networking feature for the PlayStation 3, has been pushed back to Spring of next year.

14) PlayStation 3 users will now be able to access the PlayStation Store via their consoles to download videos and other media features.

15) September 25, 2007 - Believe.

For full coverage of the Tokyo Game Show 2007, head over to ign.com.

Coming Soon to Theaters:

October 5

Feel the Noise - After a run-in with local thugs, a talented Harlem rapper is forced to hide in Puerto Rico, but finds his salvation in Reggaeton beats.

The Heartbreak Kid - Ben Stiller stars as a newlywed who realizes his dream girl is a nightmare, and falls for another woman on his honeymoon.

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising - A young man discovers he is the last of a group of immortals dedicated to fighting dark forces of evil, unimaginable power.

Finishing the Game - A mockumentary following movie producers' search for a replacement Bruce Lee after his untimely death in 1972. - Grace is Gone - John Cusack grapples with telling his daughters that their soldier mom has just been killed while in the line of duty in Iraq.

Michael Clayton - George Clooney is an in-house "fixer" at one of New York's largest corporate law firms who faces the biggest challenge of his career.

My Kid Could Paint That - Documentary on a 4-year-old girl whose abstract paintings have sold for thousands of dollars: art genius or victim of exploitation?

Next Week

Feast of Love - Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinnear and Selma Blair star in a story of intertwining life, love and attraction in a small Oregon community.

The Game Plan - The Rock stars as a superstar quarterback whose bachelor life is turned upside down when he discovers he has a young daughter.

The Kingdom - Jamie Foxx heads an elite U.S. counter-terrorism team investigating a deadly attack on Americans in Saudi Arabia.

The Darjeeling Limited - Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman are brothers on a spiritual trek through India following the death of their father.

Lust, Caution - A powerful political figure and a young woman are swept up in a dangerous game of emotional intrigue in WWII-era Shanghai.

Trade - Two girls from very different backgrounds are promised better lives in America, but are instead sold into the sex slave industry.

Protagonist - Documentary weaving the stories of four men: a German terrorist, a bank robber, an ex-gay evangelist, and a martial arts student.

In Theaters Now:

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford - Brad Pitt stars in the story of America's most notorious outlaw.

Into the Wild - A young man abandons his possessions, gives his entire savings to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness.

Good Luck Chuck - Jessica Alba and Dane Cook star in a story about a guy stuck in a pattern of cursed relationships--lucky for everyone else but him.

Resident Evil: Extinction - Milla Jovovich returns as Alice, on a mission to eliminate the deadly virus that threatens to make every human being undead.

Sydney White - Amanda Bynes stars in a modern retelling of Snow White, as a freshman out to transform her school's misguided social hierarchy.

The Last Winter - A mysterious, malevolent force slowly claims the sanity of an oil company's advanced team in the Arctic tundra of North Alaska.

The Jane Austen Book Club - In modern-day California, six women in a book club find their lives and romances reflected in the novels of author Jane Austen.

Movie Trailers:

Nearing Grace
The Kite Runner
Mr. Woodcock
Why Did I Get Married
Feast of Love
Sydney White
Iron Man

DVDs Out This Week:

Boston Legal: Season Three
Death Proof
Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Ninth Season
The Flying Scotsman
Lucky You
Married... With Children: Complete Seventh Season
Smallville: The Complete Sixth Season
Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Third Season
Superman: Doomsday
Two Weeks
We Are Marshall

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FourteenFaster 09/21/07 06:16 PM

Umm wtf? I thought Superman: Man of Steel, which is already in the works and set to come out 2009, will be directed by Bryan Singer (who directed the last one)... :-|

aloneatlastnj 09/21/07 06:17 PM

adrian you have done a stellar job since this "feature" was created. kudos, friend!

oheythere 09/21/07 06:19 PM

that Stanford prison experiment shit was crazy. the movie would be intense.

mike l 09/21/07 06:21 PM

haha tobey and jake together. passing the torch?

altemose09 09/21/07 06:23 PM

the star wars show sounds sweet and it's funny how toby and jake will both be in that movie. they look so much alike.

Blake Solomon 09/21/07 06:27 PM

i wish i had an xbox 360

Johnny Clutch 09/21/07 06:28 PM

Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the best game of all time

Adrian Villagomez 09/21/07 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by FourteenFaster (Post 7630111)
Umm wtf? I thought Superman: Man of Steel, which is already in the works and set to come out 2009, will be directed by Bryan Singer (who directed the last one)... :-|

You're right. Fixed.

Also - "As for casting, Variety's sources informed them that Christian Bale and Brandon Routh probably won't be in [JLA] as Batman and Superman, respectively."


Originally Posted by aloneatlastnj (Post 7630115)
adrian you have done a stellar job since this "feature" was created. kudos, friend!

Thank you, kind sir.


Originally Posted by oheythere (Post 7630121)
that Stanford prison experiment shit was crazy. the movie would be intense.

That German movie is intense. Everyone should watch it.

Adrian Villagomez 09/21/07 06:30 PM


Originally Posted by Blake Solomon (Post 7630158)
i wish i had an xbox 360

Tell your momma to buy you one. And tell your sister to buy me Riot!


Originally Posted by Johnny Clutch (Post 7630165)
Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the best game of all time

Probably not, but it's going to be damn good.

BGP 09/21/07 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by Johnny Clutch (Post 7630165)
Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the best game of all time

It'll be good, but it wont even be close to the best game of all time.

Blake Solomon 09/21/07 06:36 PM

lol, if they ever get here, I will.

Anton Djamoos 09/21/07 06:45 PM

Great job on this week's update, Adge.

Adrian Villagomez 09/21/07 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by Anton Djamoos (Post 7630230)
Great job on this week's update, Adge.