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Thomas Nassiff 03/23/12 07:58 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: State Faults Song Stream
Today's second stream comes to you in the form of a brand-new song from California's State Faults, a new post-hardcore-ish project that has recently signed to Tiny Engines. Head to their AP.net Profile or the replies to stream "Faultlines" from their upcoming April 24 debut full-length Desolate Peaks. Preorders will be live in late March, and you can listen to three other tracks from the album on their Bandcamp.

Thomas Nassiff 03/23/12 07:59 AM

State Faults

circletheworld 03/23/12 08:13 AM

glad to see my bros getting some press

incognitojones 03/23/12 10:26 AM

Bear Bros!! These dudes rule pretty hard, Revolushun.

GetUpAndrew 03/23/12 10:38 AM

Sounds interesting. I feel like a certain Trash Talk-ish vibe.

From: Skulls 03/23/12 10:48 AM

These are my dudes! Backed 100%.

S7ranburgLar 03/23/12 11:34 AM

I just want to throw support for Brother Bear/State Faults up here.

_veges_ 03/23/12 11:36 AM

I enjoy this band

Mr. November 03/23/12 02:00 PM

his vocals are annoying but the music is alright.

SomedayTheFire 03/23/12 02:50 PM

Awesome cover art.

cherrycokewhore 03/23/12 03:32 PM

This is fucking awesome.

Edit: I hope AP reposts this when pre-orders go live because I'll never remember otherwise.

Hiroblack 03/23/12 07:31 PM

Amazing guys, amazing music.

hansislegend 03/23/12 08:11 PM

Love these dudes.