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Alex DiVincenzo 03/23/12 09:10 AM

Andrew W.K. Gets Wet Again
Andrew W.K.'s I Get Wet will be reissued on CD and vinyl in honor of its 10-year anniversary on July 17 via Century Media Records. The release will feature a second disc containing previously unreleased material. Details in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 03/23/12 09:10 AM

Press ReleaseA decade ago, pop-metal party icon, ANDREW W.K., released his renowned debut album, I Get Wet. In honor of the album's 10-year anniversary, ANDREW W.K. has joined forces with CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS for a special re-issue edition to be released on July 17, 2012.

With Andrew being a huge metal fan himself and a huge fan of Century Media in particular, both parties were more than ecstatic when the opportunity arose to pair up for this special release. Andrew explains, "Even after all these years, I clearly remember the first day I heard the band Mayhem's album, "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas". Its dark psychedelic sensations made me realize I had found a new destiny - and had found the greatest music ever made. When I turned that seminal Mayhem album over and looked at the fine-print on the back cover, I saw a bold and clear stamp bearing the name CENTURY MEDIA. Another wave of destiny washed over me and a new dream was born: that I, Andrew W.K., would somehow be part of this great label's story of musical power and glory. This fantastic company was not only willing to be an active player in the most crucial and illuminating of the arts (aka music), but also was willing to submit themselves to the same higher calling which motivated their most dedicated and influential artists. It gives me great pride and pleasure to confirm that CENTURY MEDIA is the destined home for our special edition of ‘I GET WET’. It also gives me proof that dreams not only come true, but that they make dreams into real power. Never in a million zillion years would I have imagined that the black wizards would use their cosmic keys to create a time for my humble musical dreams. The moon may be frozen, but its cold light is brighter than ever. Let my album's release and all our collective efforts help shine an even brighter light on all of humanity, and to further prove that the manifestation is not just underway; it is complete."

Century Media Records Director of Marketing, Matt Polen, adds, “When we heard Andrew W.K. was looking for a partner for this release, we jumped at the chance team up. I think I speak for the whole company when I say it’s a dream for us to work with him.”

I Get Wet features hit songs that helped make ANDREW W.K. the household name that he is today. The album includes party anthems, "Party Hard", "Party Til You Puke" and "She Is Beautiful". This special reissue will include not only the full-length original album, but also a second disc featuring a generous helping of never- before-heard live recordings, early demo versions, alternate mixes and other previously unreleased material. There will also be a limited number of autographed deluxe editions each containing a very special "SOMETHING" directly from Andrew's private collection - including everything from a lock of his hair to a world tour airplane ticket stub. In addition to the special CD release, I Get Wet will also be reissued as a special double gate-fold vinyl LP.

ANDREW W.K. is currently headlining his highly successful 2012 world tour. And in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the I Get Wet album, his full band is performing the entire track-listing live, from front to back, at every show.

Searos 03/23/12 09:29 AM

that is pretty awesome. I will have to see on price and I am not like the worlds biggest Andrew W.K. fan but will still check that out.

JTHomeslice 03/23/12 09:30 AM


ghelms88 03/23/12 09:31 AM

That vinyl will be mine.

QuietThings430 03/23/12 09:37 AM

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bradsonemanband 03/23/12 09:38 AM


Ravelle17 03/23/12 09:56 AM

it's time to PARTY

Trent Powers 03/23/12 10:23 AM

Hell yeah!

LastDeclaration 03/23/12 10:48 AM

must have that vinyl. cover is so legend.

Robb 03/23/12 10:49 AM

This album being 10 years old really is somewhat depressing.

Hagysaurus Rex 03/23/12 10:49 AM

Hagysaurus Rex 03/23/12 10:50 AM

I'll be getting this on vinyl. So freakin excited!

timorous_me 03/23/12 11:27 AM

Andrew WK is awesome. I just put up an interview and show photos the other other day on Punks in Vegas.

roughroads 03/23/12 01:24 PM

When it's time to party we will always party hard.

Spencer Control 03/23/12 03:09 PM


So excited.

roachguy1 03/23/12 03:43 PM


Originally Posted by Hagysaurus Rex (Post 105191182)

you are my hero for posting Daleks

guitarguy211 03/23/12 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by Hagysaurus Rex (Post 105191182)

Why has RepliesWithDaleks not begun?

Gumbyjag 03/23/12 10:16 PM

Hell yeah!

Hagysaurus Rex 03/24/12 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by guitarguy211 (Post 105211472)
Why has RepliesWithDaleks not begun?

I don't know, but that's a A+ idea you just had there. It's infinitely better than replieswithdonuts or whatever the hell knockoff account we had earlier.

Hagysaurus Rex 03/24/12 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by roachguy1 (Post 105205182)
you are my hero for posting Daleks


Thanks mate. I do what I can!

guitarguy211 03/24/12 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by Hagysaurus Rex (Post 105229052)
I don't know, but that's a A+ idea you just had there. It's infinitely better than replieswithdonuts or whatever the hell knockoff account we had earlier.

Yeah the "farewell to RWG" thread was full of ideas. Replieswithfigs, Replieswithdonuts, and it goes on. Daleks is easily one of the best.