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Chris Collum 03/25/12 09:56 PM


syntax omitted 03/25/12 10:13 PM

Made my day.

Austin Davis 03/25/12 10:26 PM

I'm excited that they described it as "floaty and minimal." Sounds like it will be more like their older stuff. But everything they release is A+ work.

recall reality 03/25/12 10:33 PM

Today is a good day.

thesollopsist 03/25/12 10:49 PM


benjaminnewton 03/25/12 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by Mens (Post 105285272)
hmm summer release for wintery music.

yessss i'm in the right hemisphere for a winter release. album due 3 days after my first child :) perfect timing.

aolsux 03/25/12 10:59 PM

goddamn, this makes me happy

irthesteve 03/25/12 11:09 PM

whoooaaaaa this is awesome news

introduction 03/25/12 11:41 PM


Originally Posted by luvsickcatalyst (Post 105266652)
Usually, I play "Gobbldigook" for friends and their love for Sigur Ros just snowballs from there, but I agree on "Hoppipolla".

This is amazing though; so excited.

Yes! Gobbledigook is the way to go for new listeners. I can't imagine anyone not liking that song.

Pappageo 03/26/12 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by eightsailor (Post 105265512)
I've tried so many times to get into this band, but never have. I guess I'll try again in May.

I obviously have no idea what kind of music you like so this may be a horrible suggestion but I was sort of in the same situation as you at one time. But when I listened to the lead singer's solo album (Jonsi - Go) it absolutely blew me away. Then from there I have really started to love the Sigur Ros albums one by one. I think the album Go is just a little easier to grasp than the Sigur Ros albums. The songs are structured a little more traditionally and a lot of it is in english which helped me out I think. But then it's possible that it just isn't for you!

Gumbyjag 03/26/12 12:43 AM

This will be badass.

Bruycker 03/26/12 01:09 AM

SOO excited for this.

luke69 03/26/12 01:29 AM

Did not expect a release date that soon :)

kazuma_ootaro28 03/26/12 04:12 AM


Originally Posted by ÖzgürKurtoglu (Post 105274342)
Just so you all know (and don't ask), this is supposedly just some of the tracklist, and not all the songs that will appear on the album.

Good. Was worried there wasn't enough tracks or they would be very long songs to fill the album. Very stoked anyway.

JinxRemoving 03/26/12 04:36 AM