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Jason Tate 03/25/12 02:49 PM

Low Dark Hills (ex-The New Frontiers) Post New Song
Low Dark Hills (ex-The New Frontiers) has posted a new song on bandcamp.

Submitted by Dunn.Nope

geetarjizosh 03/25/12 03:38 PM

Mending is one of my favorites. It's amazing to hear Nathan's voice again.

dpatrickguy 03/25/12 07:13 PM

Sounds like The New Frontiers, which is a good thing.

tigertiger 03/25/12 07:35 PM

This is incredible.

hiddentrack 03/25/12 07:41 PM

I came in here to say that I miss The New Frontiers badly, but this works perfectly for me. I love his voice. Can't wait to hear more stuff.

davefalcone777 03/25/12 08:32 PM

Oh man, I miss these guys!

bmw06g 03/25/12 11:08 PM

I almost can't believe this is happening.

Mending is one of my favorite albums of all time, and to see some guys who were a part of that back making music again is perfect. Already played a show with the Rocketboys? Unbelievable.

soulineyes 03/25/12 11:46 PM

so good.

Bruycker 03/26/12 01:07 AM

So good to hear his voice again. Mending is my favorite album this time of the year.

Steve Henderson 03/26/12 06:54 AM

Yeah I was so elated to hear this last week. Pretty much as close to The New Frontiers as we could ask for.

serotoninzero 03/26/12 09:14 PM

:) Can't wait for this. This song makes me happy.