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thesafeword 03/26/12 03:49 AM

Lil B- God's Father
Lil B - God's Father
Release Date: March 7, 2012

Lil B opens up his highly anticipated mixtape God's Father by apologizing for the long wait. Another self-released mixtape from the Bay Area rapper, God's Father surfaced about a month since his last release, a mixtape titled White Flame. A month in between releases for most artists is certainly far from a long wait, but Lil B isn't most artists. Known for recording his first take and moving on, he puts out impressive amounts of material, releasing 22 mixtapes and 5 albums in the last 3 years or so. The month long wait becomes even more impressive when you take a look at God's Father's track list and see that it is a massive 34 tracks long.

The opening of God's Father also features Lil B presenting the question, "You've never heard of the BasedGod?" and answering his own question with a few chuckles. He's right though, it's hard to have not heard of him. With his popular personality, presence online and the amount of music he's released, Lil B has found himself a very large audience. People unfamiliar with his work or who have only scratched the surface of his large discography often wonder what there is to 'get' with Lil B. It's hard to blame them though, with his unique style and personality, it may seem as if there is some sort of joke that they are supposed to get in on and they don’t want to be missing that. Other rappers with large presences online have jokes to get in on, the LA-based rap collective Odd Future come to mind. And while there are certain jokes within Odd Future, some of their members do have a comedy show on Adult Swim after all, this isn't the case with Lil B. I'm often asked what there is to 'get' with him and the answer is that there isn't anything to get other than he is rapper who constantly puts out good music, all while being a positive and funny guy.

As I mentioned earlier, God's Father is a daunting 34 tracks long, which may be a little overwhelming for newcomers to his material, but it's a welcomed length for fans of his work. With that being said, this mixtape isn't unapproachable for those newcomers who are willing to give it a listen. There are plenty of songs on here that should draw in those with open ears. He looks to grab you early on in the mixtape, the second track, "I Own Swag", being a definite standout, with another standout, "February Confessions" being just two tracks later.

His rapping certainly is pretty raw, but it's a positive thing, it's a part of what makes Lil B special. He likes to often only record one take of his songs because he feels that it comes out the way it does because that's how he was feeling when he recorded it and he doesn't want to go back and change that. He acknowledges this on "Tropics" when he says, "I'm the rawest rapper out there, that's why people don't like me," and it's true. Many people I've listened to Lil B with or seen discussing him have often cited his rapping as being weak. I find it to be the contrary, his style of rapping is incredibly strong because his lyrics and delivery are snapshots in time of how a rapper with a lot on his mind is feeling. This style that he has adopted comes across as extremely genuine and there's something admirable about that. And while there are some occasional lines that are admittedly borderline cringe-worthy and more than occasional rambling, there aren't enough of these negative qualities on God's Father to come close to weakening it.

For those who still aren't sold on Lil B, he probably puts it best on “Buss Em 4 Points” when he says "Once again I'm going over ****** heads." It's certainly understandable if Lil B's style of rapping doesn't suit you, but for those of you who haven't been able to get into his work, I'd suggest to maybe stop trying to figure it out, sit back and enjoy it. God's Father is a great release from a man who has proved that he can be a great rapper. He recognizes his faults, but puts it best, yet again, on the final track, "I Love You", when he says, "I am not perfect, but I am great because I keep a smile." There are plenty of songs on this mixtape, and throughout his material, that are obvious hits and great songs. As for the rest, they're good enough to keep you going with the mixtape and do more than just serve as songs, but represent Lil B for what he truly is as well. He's just a real person with some talent getting behind a mic and emptying his thoughts, feelings and advice to us. And while there are lyrics on this that don't apply to me or that I can't necessarily relate with personally, everybody can relate to the overall message and feeling behind his work, being a positive and real person. If anything, I guess that that's what there is to ‘get’ about Lil B; even though we have our good and bad moments, just do your best to stay positive and do what you enjoy doing. That’s what he seems to be doing and it has been working for him so far and God's Father is not only a continuation of this, but one of his best releases to date.


Numero10 04/03/12 01:10 PM

In before "I don't get it" or "Lol this isn't music"

Chris Collum 04/03/12 01:11 PM

Lol this isn't music

bobby runs 04/03/12 01:17 PM

Lil B is so 2011

Ryan Dennehy 04/03/12 01:27 PM

i don't 'get' this review

Thesleepingwell 04/03/12 01:47 PM

Worthy listening and as no one else has said it...


Good review, dude.

Sakarazu 04/03/12 01:47 PM

"a joke gone way too far"

Jake Jenkins 04/03/12 01:51 PM

amazing review

Ryan Dennehy 04/03/12 01:52 PM

lol how the fuck does this have 13% user rating come on

but really i liked the review a lot and the tape while a bit much is pretty good

M.Lee 04/03/12 04:22 PM

who was that guy that argued with spo about lil b being a stream of consciousness rapper

M.Lee 04/03/12 04:28 PM

lol, figures

dancelukedance 04/03/12 09:53 PM

Great review. Love this tape!

Psib 04/04/12 05:24 PM

such a good mixtape! TYBG. oh my god based god, you can fuck my bitch based god!

(l,k) 04/10/12 07:54 AM


Originally Posted by M.Lee (Post 105801942)
who was that guy that argued with spo about lil b being a stream of consciousness rapper


Originally Posted by Star Slight (Post 105802042)
lk i think


Originally Posted by M.Lee (Post 105802182)
lol, figures

arguing against him being a stream of consciousness rapper or that he is one?

Birdflu777 06/22/12 12:10 AM

Thank God someone else likes God's Father as much as I do. Great review.