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Searos 03/26/12 12:51 PM

Kids In The Street > Move Along > Self-Title > When The World Comes Down

All are really good albums but this is how I see the band atm. I think Kids In The Street is amazing.

ChrisCanberg 03/26/12 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 105303472)
Their best album.

Very much agreed. And I'm only 5 tracks in.

hello299 03/26/12 03:37 PM

Who is the girl in Fast & Slow?

ghelms88 03/26/12 04:11 PM

Absolutely loving this album. Been playing it non-stop in the car.

dash64 03/26/12 04:16 PM

It's not at all what I expected, which makes me love it even more. Move along has so many great songs but this album shows a sort of maturity that impresses me.

Drewmosabi 03/26/12 05:55 PM


Originally Posted by Nardes (Post 105305412)
To me this album is the perfect example of a band trying to go a slightly different route, wanting to have a big sound but not lose themselves. AAR did this perfectly. Honestly I was blown away listening to it the first time. Congrats guys you did what so many bands try to do but yet they fail miserably.

Couldn't agree more. They did a great job with this album.

We got this album in at my store last week on Friday the 23rd. I played it instore immediately!
Bought it that day and took the long way home in my car so I could listen to it all and there wasn't one song I didn't like.

guitarguy211 03/27/12 02:56 PM

Yeah! New AAR stuff finally!