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Jason Tate 03/26/12 09:50 AM

The Dangerous Summer Live DVD Pre-Kickstarter
The Dangerous Summer are thinking of doing a kickstarter for a new DVD release, but they wanna know if anyone is interested before setting it all up.
From Facebookmany of you know what we were planning to release a dvd + live DVD sometime this year... unfortunately we had our camera stolen from us while we were in canada. We have no choice but to scrap the idea of doing the DVD or to do a kickstarter to make it happen. Anyone who would donate to the cause would recieve a free copy of the DVD and anyone who donates a little more would recieve a signed physical copy of the DVD. Let me know if this is something you guys would be interesting in supporting and we will make this happen. comment or like this post if you are a supporter. thanks!

Submitted by tyler2tall147

asthenia* 03/26/12 09:55 AM

would support this. especially if joe perri shoots it

contiinstereo 03/26/12 09:57 AM

I'm in.

Phil507 03/26/12 10:09 AM

Please do not fund this band, encourage this garbage and drama.

kskillzz 03/26/12 10:13 AM

I would never give money to these clowns.

sammyboy516 03/26/12 10:18 AM

If it came with audio of the set as well I'd be down. I'd like to have the DVD but I'd love to listen to it in my car as well. Either way though, I'd probably help out.

veronabryce 03/26/12 10:18 AM

Only if Tyler drums in the DVD.

Spencer Control 03/26/12 10:23 AM

Would probably support this.

Sing-The-Sorrow 03/26/12 10:26 AM

I don't trust you guys. My gf ordered a pair of shorts from you a long time ago, and she never recieved them. She asked for a refund, and you never gave her money back. So nope, won't be supporting.

Manufactured Dreams 03/26/12 10:26 AM

I would not contribute.

Jake Jenkins 03/26/12 10:35 AM

meh i dunno

jimmyeatsboys 03/26/12 10:36 AM

i would give money to these clowns. especially (as stated) if joe perri shoots it!

Tadg30 03/26/12 10:37 AM

I thought they already had one out?

EvilZeppelin 03/26/12 10:37 AM

Honestly I rather have their acoustic album pressed on vinyl.

sammyboy516 03/26/12 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by Tadg30 (Post 105307632)
I thought they already had one out?