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TAI182 03/27/12 10:37 PM

Kiss it Goodbye
Give Me Love
Hands and Faces
The Taste of Ink
I Come Alive
Now That You're Dead
Put Me Out
The Best of Me
Pretty Handsome Awkward
Together Burning Bright
On My Own
Maybe Memories
A Box Full of Sharp Objects

CharlieFoti 03/28/12 09:58 AM

they won't let me stream it. blocked in the us.

Nolessthanblink 03/28/12 10:35 AM

Video from this? How was Box Full? Did he scream?

mark29 03/28/12 05:11 PM

any rips?

T3TRiS 03/29/12 06:01 AM

I wasn't able to stay up/get up and of course UMG/SME blocked the recording they uploaded to YouTube. Someone must've at least grabbed it off of Youtube? Anyone?