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ActOfPeace 03/29/12 06:55 PM

Alysson disease!! cant wait!

Jonodeath 03/29/12 07:50 PM

So excited. The first one is still one of my favorite albums. Actually got me into singer/songwriter stuff after only listening to loud fast music. Great for me, bad for people who liked our band haha.

hashbrowns 03/29/12 09:58 PM

i'm beyond excited for I Must Be Hateful. Hand's down, my favorite Lagwagon song and kind of a sleeper one.

JinxRemoving 03/30/12 04:11 AM

Yes! The first one was awesome.

serotoninzero 04/01/12 10:04 PM

Wow, I can't wait for this. I spin the first one all the time.