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Deborah Remus 03/29/12 01:11 PM

Joey Cape and Tony Sly Announce Second Split Record
Joey Cape and Tony Sly will release Acoustic Volume 2 on June 19th. Pre-orders are available here.

Track Listing
1. I Must Be Hateful
2. Know It All
3. Confession
4. Alisonís Disease
5. Resolve
6. Broken Record
7. Black Box
8. Soulmate
9. Under the Garden
10. Chasing Rainbows
11. Pre-Medicated Murder
12. Liver Let Die

Deborah Remus 03/29/12 01:11 PM

mrzippo3 03/29/12 01:12 PM


Love the first one

birdman 03/29/12 01:22 PM


saddr weirdr 03/29/12 01:22 PM

I will check this out.

brentstailing 03/29/12 01:27 PM

So excited that I'm going to throw up.

PirateSkater182 03/29/12 01:31 PM

Yes! I really miss the times of No Use and Lagwagon.

irthesteve 03/29/12 01:52 PM

The first one is so great

darkboby 03/29/12 02:16 PM

this is incredibly exciting.

Kill_the_radio 03/29/12 02:36 PM

The first one was amazing. Can't wait for this one!

thecobrakais 03/29/12 02:43 PM

def picking this up

grimis16 03/29/12 05:24 PM

Hell yeah!! Just wish their would also be a new NUFAN

CBKRP 03/29/12 05:41 PM

Blackbox and soulmate are sweet choices on Tony's side

prefix-core 03/29/12 06:07 PM

Beyond excited for this!

T-Lloyd 03/29/12 06:52 PM

Fark yeah!

ActOfPeace 03/29/12 06:55 PM

Alysson disease!! cant wait!

Jonodeath 03/29/12 07:50 PM

So excited. The first one is still one of my favorite albums. Actually got me into singer/songwriter stuff after only listening to loud fast music. Great for me, bad for people who liked our band haha.

hashbrowns 03/29/12 09:58 PM

i'm beyond excited for I Must Be Hateful. Hand's down, my favorite Lagwagon song and kind of a sleeper one.

JinxRemoving 03/30/12 04:11 AM

Yes! The first one was awesome.

serotoninzero 04/01/12 10:04 PM

Wow, I can't wait for this. I spin the first one all the time.