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Jason Tate 04/02/12 09:28 AM

The Deftones' Entering Studio in July
The Deftones will be entering the studio to record their new album in July.

Submitted by VIVALAMATT

TheRealJohnOC 04/02/12 09:29 AM

Fucking awesome! Love them! Wish they do more than 2 US tours in support of Diamond Eyes.

bones jones 04/02/12 09:34 AM

hell yes

billysurvive 04/02/12 09:36 AM

I loved Diamond Eyes personally. It was a well written CD.

XenoLovegood 04/02/12 09:39 AM

Fuck yes! Diamond Eyes was amazing, can't wait to hear some new shit. :-d

birdman 04/02/12 09:40 AM


saintnumberfive 04/02/12 09:56 AM

*insert funny, excited GIF here*

carlosonthedrums 04/02/12 09:56 AM

I love that they take their time with each release...can't wait for more from my all-time faves.

whiterussian 04/02/12 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by Simulcast (Post 105707792)
Good, now give us Eros while we wait.

Yeah, wonder what's their plan for that, if they have one.

GetUpAndrew 04/02/12 10:04 AM

Great news.

albertad 04/02/12 10:04 AM

So Dope

Hagysaurus Rex 04/02/12 10:05 AM

Awesome news. Diamond Eyes was my favorite thing they've done since Around the Fur

Full Effect Ed 04/02/12 10:11 AM

Ugh, motherfucker stole my initial post in the Deftones music thread. Looking forward to the fall!!

IV. 04/02/12 10:12 AM

Ill take this and another crosses ep before the year is over.

xananomaly 04/02/12 10:15 AM

one of my favorite bands of all time, always stoked.