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Adam Pfleider 04/02/12 11:30 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Weapons of Mass Creation Festival 2012
We've teamed up with the Weapons of Mass Creation Festival today to bring you the initial line-up for this year's event in Cleveland, Ohio. Head to the replies to see the first wave of bands and a message from the festival on how to get a discount on today's release of tickets.

Adam Pfleider 04/02/12 11:31 AM

Message From the FestivalWeapons of Mass Creation Fest is proud and excited to announce the first wave of bands confirmed to play this year! WMC has also launched a new website today which highlights all of the bands, speakers and designers that will be making appearances throughout the fest. As an AbsolutePunk.net reader exclusive, WMC is offering a 20% off discount code for passes with the code "absolutepunk". The first wave of confirmed bands is below:

Algernon Cadwallader
Gregory and the Hawk
Into It. Over It.
Afternoon Naps
Two Knights
The Nitch Pickens
Cherry Cola Champions
Two Hand Fools
Signals Midwest
En Garde
Worship This
Humble Home
She Bears
Empire! Empire! (and I was a Lonely Estate)

WMC Fest is a fest for those who live to create! A grassroots design conference and music festival taking place in the Gordon Square Arts District on Cleveland’s west side. The event features almost 30 bands, 20 speakers, and 20 designers across four venues. It was founded by Go Media designer and partner Jeff Finley in 2010 as a way to connect and inspire the creative community through art, design, music, and entrepreneurship.

AbsolutePunk.net exclusive 20% off discount code: absolutepunk

http://wmcfest.com · @wmcfest · facebook.com/wmcfest

Wings That Work 04/02/12 11:50 AM

Might head in to catch II.OI.

alilbravetoaste 04/02/12 12:53 PM

She Bears is cool, people should check them out if they go.

cscwell107 04/02/12 07:44 PM

Will definitely go to a day of this. A lot of great bands on here.

ParkAvenue 04/02/12 08:33 PM

IIOI and Algernon? I sense a road trip in my near future.

subplotofcrows 04/02/12 10:20 PM

This is actually really cool. Design and music? Must go.

gr33ndayfr3ak 04/03/12 01:40 AM

Holy shit, some of those speakers are super exciting. I might have to look into this.

deconst.barrier 04/11/12 03:08 PM

here is a kickstarter for WMCFest if you want to support it.

and the bands and speakers seem awesome! Blueprint from Rhymesayers Entertainment is one of the acts I want to see among Two Knights, Algernon, and Eluvium! woah.