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Brandon Allin 09/28/07 11:06 PM

The Dangerous Summer Cancel Upcoming Tour Dates
The Dangerous Summer have cancelled the remainder of their upcoming tour dates. The act are expected to release a statement regarding the retractions shortly. The outfit released their latest effort, If You Could Only Keep Me Alive, earlier this year courtesy of Hopeless Records.

Submitted by stephanieboyden

FTTbass 09/28/07 11:45 PM

ugh...dont breakup!

moore182 09/29/07 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by FTTbass (Post 7676366)
ugh...dont breakup!

I second that...hope all is good.
The EP is awesome.

CLARIFY THIS 09/29/07 01:27 AM

I hope this band holds it together.They have potential to be something really,really special

redbulladdict 09/29/07 04:25 AM

I just saw them last saturday...they were so good...

applesandcyanid 09/29/07 05:35 AM

If this band breaks up, I am going to be pissed beyond all belief.

fadefrommyself9 09/29/07 07:06 AM

not good for a new band on the radar to do

StevevetS 09/29/07 07:18 AM

Singer's gone it seems. His name is off the myspace and all that stuff. Uh ohhhh

Ruggiero2oo8 09/29/07 07:50 AM

uh oh.

whothehellispat 09/29/07 07:59 AM

no no no no no no no no, these guys were the best thing to come out of baltimore since driving in silence

mcr_fob_aarx3 09/29/07 08:00 AM

Bummer, I was going to see one of these shows.

I really hope they didn't break up, but A.J's name isnt on their myspace under "band members" anymore...

Rashad Rastam 09/29/07 08:07 AM

NO! I was supposed to see them today with New Atlantic! This weekend is seriously becoming the worst...

VLJimi 09/29/07 08:36 AM

Is there a reason that they would break up?

PassedOut 09/29/07 08:52 AM

they will pull through this

whothehellispat 09/29/07 09:27 AM

this band has a history with random line up changes,

not that i have any inside info or anything but i always got a really immature or unstanble feel from them, and talking to people who know them