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Roboman 09/29/07 07:55 PM


Originally Posted by racecar (Post 7676930)
to like bjork, you have to give all of yourself to her music.
my advice to you... go buy post and homogenic (2nd and 3rd record)
on post, the focus tracks that are a little more "normal" to warm you up are "army of me" which has a fantastic intro. and hyper-ballad, which listened to in the dark, may cause you to cry. great song. the rest of that record is amazing too, but if you want to warm yourself up o her voice, those two songs can do that for you.
on homogenic, the focus tracks that are a little more listener friendly as far as her voice and music being a little less in your face, personality wise are "hunter, joga, all neon like, and all is full of love"
those songs are amazing.

my personal favorite record of hers is vespertine. so pretty.
anyway. sorry. not trying to assume you've never heard those songs. just maybe helping out a little. bjork is amazing. i think everyone should listen to her(their) music.

Well I must say it was nice seeing a positive post from you for once. And I'll look into those albums you suggested.

joshuagilbert 09/30/07 12:53 PM

she could have done a better song off her new record.

she should have done innocence.