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Alex DiVincenzo 04/03/12 08:48 AM

The Early November/The Wonder Years Tour
The Early November and The Wonder Years are going on tour together. Dates will be announced tomorrow, along with the details regarding The Early November's new album.

Deartragedy88 04/03/12 08:50 AM

so happy The Early November are touring!

bobby runs 04/03/12 08:51 AM

This needs to come within 3 hours of me.

Chris_B 04/03/12 08:51 AM

So stoked for new TEN music.. hopefully they'll stop somewhere near me.

spezialk 04/03/12 08:52 AM

This pleases me, alot.

RockTheWalls 04/03/12 08:53 AM

Plus another really awesome opener is being added!

RustyxDrums 04/03/12 08:54 AM

This is fucking awesome!

Something More 04/03/12 08:56 AM


iaminsane20 04/03/12 08:56 AM

So pumped for this!

Zack Zarrillo 04/03/12 08:57 AM

Stoked for this. Other bands are rad too

Ryan Dennehy 04/03/12 09:01 AM

Did altpress "exclusively" learn this after that tweet was posted?

Good tour though.

Holly HoX! 04/03/12 09:01 AM

Don't care for TWY, but if this comes close to me I might have to check of out. I saw TEN so many times back in the day.

Meeze 04/03/12 09:01 AM

The Philly Boner Tour

SincerelyMe 04/03/12 09:02 AM

Holy shit. This is amazing.

falafelmywaffle 04/03/12 09:03 AM

holy fuck ballz