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Alex DiVincenzo 04/03/12 12:38 PM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Failsafe
The UK's Failsafe make their North American debut today with Routines, which is out now via Cardboard Empire Records. You can stream the album on their AP.net profile and pick up a copy here or on iTunes. The band combines British pop-rock, post-punk and indie rock akin to Fireworks, Balance And Composure and Polar Bear Club.

buddah knome 04/03/12 12:56 PM

Got my copy in the mail a few days early, it's worth checking out! HH picked a good band to release material for on their label.

inthemidst 04/03/12 01:23 PM

Are these the same guys who are featured on the NBA 2K11 soundtrack?

Nevermind, they are.

PetitnaindesĪles 04/03/12 02:09 PM

didn't expect to see this !! thanks so much

VeryWittyName 04/03/12 03:36 PM

Definitely among the best live bands I've seen.

the_mango 04/03/12 04:01 PM

Never heard of them until "Routines" was included with Hawthorne Heights' Hate EP. Really solid stuff.

Archael 04/03/12 07:06 PM

I like it, but I don't really know what genre they are. I don't hear any post punk.

ClintMontgomery 04/03/12 07:33 PM

Seems like Hawthorne Heights picked a pretty good first band to put on their label.

Dayleno 04/03/12 09:02 PM

Yeah I also heard of these guys when Hawthorne Heights released their Hate EP for free, I'm really enjoying the one song that they included by them. Will check out the album.

GetUpAndrew 04/04/12 12:45 AM

I admit I've never heard before of this band, and I feel guilty. Songs sound pretty cool.

ugman_2000 04/04/12 03:50 AM

This band have been on the uk scene for quite a while now, it's good to see their getting a bit of recognition stateside

Khouse89 04/04/12 06:33 AM

Good band. Loved them on the inbetweeners

ididntaskyou 04/16/12 02:23 PM

love them