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XenoLovegood 04/05/12 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by PunkInfluence09 (Post 105895802)
Nah. Over a month ago, he was making a few posts that he was going to "man up" and turn himself in. He then went quiet on Facebook for about a month, if not longer. He's supposedly living in some structured living area now after his time in rehab. That being said, even if he is finally clean, he isn't ready to tour yet. I'd feel much better if he stayed off of touring for a year or so... No matter how much I love to hear him sing live.

Oh, I see. I really hope that the rehab stuff is true and he can actually manage to keep clean.

dmcaloon 04/05/12 11:48 AM

Well The Used playing gives me the excuse to buy tickets to a DGD show and not be disappointed when they drop off a week before tour starts.

rickman 04/05/12 12:48 PM

This interview is an old one, so everybody can stop crapping their pants. You can tell by that question "Vulnerable is coming out in a couple of weeks. You’ve got two singles that are out so far. How are people’s reactions to the singles?" The tour already has announced it's support, and DGD seems to be jumping on the All-Stars tour anyway.

Rob McWilliams 04/05/12 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 105894742)
Let's all cross our fingers the band is not that dumb.

Past evidence says they are.

betweenvega 04/05/12 01:37 PM

I always like to give my input on the Jonny Craig issue when he comes up, because I'm a recovering alcoholic/heroin addict, idk, I just feel obligated sometimes.

If he turned himself in, went to rehab, and is now living in a structured living environment (aka halfway house) which seems to be the case, he could be on his way to a sober life. I know he's been in and out of treatment before, but it sounds like he really bottomed out if he was hiding out in Canada, with probable stints of homelessness, multiple days without getting high and withdrawing, etc etc. And, the fact that he turned himself in probably means jail time sounded like a better option than whatever he was doing in Canada. There's an old saying in the recovery circle----when it sucks more to use than it is to quit, than it's quittin' time.

Burt could be helpful to him if he's in recovery. The most important thing when getting sober is to surround yourself with others who have been through it and can guide you through the shit show that is early recovery.

There's just as good a chance, though, if not a bigger chance, that he'll slip again and do some more fucked up shit before he dies/finally gets sober. But from the way he does heroin, if he goes back to it, he'll probably die.

SweetThye 04/05/12 01:42 PM

No... A Lot Like Birds!!!!

Tele72 04/05/12 01:46 PM

This would be awesome, but I agree it doesn't make a lot of musical sense.

Beej 347 04/05/12 01:48 PM

just bring matt geise back on tour, fuck JC. he doesn't deserve any of that.

dawgkta6669 04/05/12 03:32 PM

would be awesome...if there's a bay area date of the tour or sacramento (dgd's hometown & warped tour won't be playing there this summer)

xerickx24 04/05/12 06:46 PM


Originally Posted by ScorchOurBodies (Post 105894132)
I would see this just for DGD.


therookielot 04/05/12 08:07 PM

bring back zac gavin dance

Gumbyjag 04/06/12 01:58 AM

I would see that show.

kbomb001 04/06/12 10:14 AM

Jonny should not tour for the rest of the year. The Used should pick another band to tour with.

the_used_fan 04/06/12 01:27 PM

never heard of dance gavin dance but after a quick google search they been around for about 5 years but i dont think i ever heard any of their songs...

SuNDaYSTaR 04/06/12 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 105893882)
Don't you need a singer to go on tour?

Didn't they just tour with other singers?