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Jason Tate 04/06/12 11:52 PM

William Beckett Joins Say Anything on Stage
William Beckett joined Say Anything on stage in Chicago to perform "Belt." Check the replies.

Jason Tate 04/06/12 11:52 PM

KenneyBN 04/06/12 11:58 PM

Bill and Sisky re-united. Awesome.

axel182 04/07/12 12:04 AM

So Epic!

KingOfSpain 04/07/12 12:23 AM

So cool. Can't believe I missed it.

slowdrives 04/07/12 01:16 AM

I was here. SA puts on such a great show. Didn't recognize Bill at first!

Ashur 04/07/12 01:18 AM

I was there. Kind of half expected it to happen, but when it did I still lost my beans. I never got to see TAI, and they were such a large part of me musically (not to mention Say Anything), so seeing Sisky and William on the same stage and with Say Anything was such a treat. Teared up a bit. Sherri came on for a song a little after as well. Such a great show!

Ps, that moment when he went over to Sisky after was really heartwarming, couldn't help but think he said something along the lines of "Miss you and so proud of you". Pretty sure he kissed him on the cheek too.

Alex DiVincenzo 04/07/12 05:55 AM


Nick Hull 04/07/12 06:57 AM

that's what bill looks like nowadays?

bobbycalwell 04/07/12 07:04 AM

sound quality is actually pretty good in this vid. also (goes without saying anything) this is awesome

dmcaloon 04/07/12 07:08 AM

Oh god. If only this were to happen on the day when I'm going to see them

StepsInADance 04/07/12 08:37 AM

I read "William Beckett joined Say Anything" and almost shit myself.

stonecoldfox 04/07/12 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by StepsInADance (Post 105981842)
I read "William Beckett joined Say Anything" and almost shit myself.

Did the same thing, except I didn't stop at "almost".....

therookielot 04/07/12 09:47 AM

I had no idea they were even in Chicago anytime soon. Dang.

Clark 04/07/12 11:51 AM

Why is everyone in this thread calling him Bill?