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AlexJLow 04/08/12 07:06 PM

Box Car Racer 04/08/12 07:12 PM

Mr_V1tr1oL 04/08/12 07:15 PM

The new The Forecast album is so goddamn good. aoty contender.

Spencer Control 04/08/12 08:03 PM

I've been listening to every single song on my mp3 player in alphabetical order.

Chris Collum 04/08/12 09:18 PM

syntax omitted 04/08/12 11:15 PM

I've basically been listening to The Format all month. That's it.

endblazer 04/09/12 12:45 AM


Originally Posted by _veges_ (Post 106022192)


Also, I'm so, so glad baseball is back. I've missed it so much, and I'm having so much sex with it right now.

Michael1002 04/09/12 01:07 AM

This week I've been spinning these records a lot:

Lil B - Gods Father
Lostprophets - Weapons
Taproot - The Episodes
Take One Car - It's Going To Be A Nice Day
I Fight Dragos - KABOOM!
Drake -Take Care
The All American Rejects - The Kids In The Streets

Michael1002 04/09/12 01:33 PM

Three bands that really need a bigger audience: