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Alex DiVincenzo 04/09/12 06:14 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Matt Skiba and The Sekrets
Matt Skiba never seems to stop making music. When he has free time from Alkaline Trio, he keeps busy with one of several side projects. For his latest, dubbed Matt Skiba and The Sekrets, he recruited Jarrod Alexander of My Chemical Romance and Hunter Burgan of AFI. The band's full-length debut, Babylon, will be released on May 8 via Superball Music. Hit the replies to watch an exclusive video of Skiba discussing the project, its members and the music.

Alex DiVincenzo 04/09/12 06:14 AM

Charlieistony 04/09/12 06:27 AM

I love Matt Skiba, EVERYTHING he's ever released in my eyes, is gold.

NickIsI 04/09/12 06:27 AM

Skiba is God.

OldSchoolReason 04/09/12 07:21 AM

Everyone tends to knocks Matt's songs on the more recent A3 albums, but it sounds like his songs change quite a bit on the A3 records once the band collaborates on them based on his comments here. Looking forward to hearing the full length!

SteveLikesMusic 04/09/12 07:25 AM


BigAl 04/09/12 08:30 AM

This should be awesome.

stereokiller 04/09/12 08:36 AM


amorning_ofsleep 04/09/12 09:16 AM

Man, this has been a great year for Matt music.

patentpending 04/09/12 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by stereokiller (Post 106050832)

Quoted for truth.

Ollie McKraut 04/09/12 10:21 AM

Matt played drums in Jerkwater!

Jonodeath 04/09/12 10:22 AM

This stuff is awesome, I'm actually glad it's still like the trio a bit. Can't wait for the whole damn thing!

njiata603 04/09/12 11:08 AM

This will rule.

J.Dick 04/09/12 12:40 PM

I saw Dan A on the Revival tour and it was really great. This sounds quite good as well. Everyone shits on modern Alkaline Trio but I thought This Addiction was really good.

GetUpAndrew 04/09/12 12:48 PM

This is gonna kick asses.