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Alex DiVincenzo 04/10/12 05:58 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Chasing Claymores
Chasing Claymores is an up-and-coming pop punk band from San Diego. Their new EP, Hindsight's 20/20, comes out on May 8th via Authentik Artists. You can stream the first track, "Well Played, Mauer," now on their AP.net profile. Recommended for fans of New Found Glory, Hit the Lights, Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals.

richrad 04/10/12 09:34 AM

Pretty good.

emoboy333 04/10/12 09:39 AM

Pretty cool. Sounds like a mix of Story Of The Year and Hit the Lights. Catchy stuff.

badforcats1189 04/10/12 10:19 AM

really good sound. im diggin it

seymourbuttes 04/10/12 11:41 AM

I just found out about these guys a few days ago. This shit is gooooood.

lessthanzero 04/10/12 02:10 PM

This is way cool. Can't wait to see what comes of these guys

GetUpAndrew 04/10/12 02:17 PM

What a nice song, diggin' this so hard.

fredrico0012 04/10/12 07:23 PM

Digging the band name.

Song is decent.