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Jason Tate 04/10/12 11:04 AM

Parkway Drive DVD Trailer
The trailer for the upcoming Parkway Drive DVD can be seen in the replies.

Submitted by xent

Jason Tate 04/10/12 11:04 AM

Jake Denning 04/10/12 11:29 AM

A million times yes.

CastlesXClouds 04/10/12 12:10 PM

first dvd was supreme. sooooooo stoked for this. jesus. eeeeeee :DDDDD

cococrisp20 04/10/12 12:22 PM

The Horizons DVD was great and this one looks like it'll definitely top it. Hopefully it'll release with the new album.

daybreaker 04/10/12 12:40 PM

The shit i'd do to see these guys live.

xananomaly 04/10/12 12:42 PM

sooooooo good, i can't wait.

3GunGaz 04/10/12 01:27 PM

First DVD was my 'favourite' music DVD I have seen... Really excited for this one!

Ferrari333SP 04/10/12 01:42 PM

This looks really great; not your typical live DVD, at least it seems. Can't wait to see this.

GetUpAndrew 04/10/12 02:13 PM

Looks really cool. Can't wait to pick it up on Amazon Italy.

johnnyferris 04/10/12 05:00 PM


AussieBoy 04/10/12 09:51 PM

Somehow it looks like they may top the amazing
First one. Love these guys. So down to earth

BottomsUp 04/11/12 05:03 PM

looks so good!

AussieBoy 05/29/12 04:20 PM

Just came out of the cinema premiere of the new Parkway Drive movie. Destroys the other one and that was heck.
Basically the best travel doco I've seen. Craziest shows in Russia, all the bootleg merch in Mexico and India, they soccer chant hum all the guitar in Argie and bogans galore in Kuta
I need to travel the world more. So much crazy shit out there. Most chill life those dudes have.

suicidesaints 07/19/12 07:47 AM

I just got my DVD in the mail yesterday and I really enjoyed it. Reminded me why I like this band so much. But they seem to be living in such a serene world. Everything is so perfect. The first DVD shows them sleeping on curbs, this one they are swimming in crystal clear water and living the life. Good for them.