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Thomas Nassiff 04/11/12 09:28 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: The Stream That Ate Larry Livermore (Part 3)
Today we're continuing our running stream of The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore compilation with Adeline Records. The compilation, out May 29, features 16 upcoming pop-punk bands selected by Lookout Records founder Larry Livermore, and each of the 16 songs were recorded exclusively for this comp. For today's pair of song streams, we have House Boats' "Love Song for the Reclusive" and Vacation's "No Mercy." Hit the replies to hear both of the songs, leave your thoughts and remember to come back next week for the next two songs streaming from the comp. By the May 29 street date, we'll have streamed the entire release!

Thomas Nassiff 04/11/12 09:29 AM

The streams are gone now. Check out the comp when it drops!

leighm13 04/11/12 10:36 AM

It's House Boat, not House Boats! But FUCK YES THIS IS INCREDIBLE. Best band.