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Joe DeAndrea 04/11/12 07:17 PM

AP.net Chat Announcement: William Beckett
William Beckett will be chatting here on AP.net this Monday, April 16th at 7pm EST.

KenneyBN 04/11/12 07:28 PM

Fricken awesome.

JawbreakerRock 04/11/12 07:53 PM

fuck yes

kismet 04/11/12 07:58 PM


TAI182 04/11/12 08:52 PM

Yes! Can't wait.

DevinDomino 04/11/12 09:06 PM

I'm really interested to read what he has to say. He's always been a really entertaining fellow to me.

danyellxiv 04/11/12 09:09 PM

*victory hands*

Mr.Piano93 04/11/12 09:25 PM

been on a TAI binge this past week. Great band

xHoodieWeather 04/11/12 09:27 PM

One of the best dudes. Great inspiration, great voice.

mrnegativezero 04/11/12 09:34 PM

Interested in just knowing what he's been up to.

zachff 04/11/12 09:53 PM

This is one I might stop by for.

sweetfootaction 04/11/12 09:58 PM

I want to know if he wears pants that fit him now.

InfiniteArms 04/12/12 04:28 AM

I would but my timezone gets in the way.

ScorchOurBodies 04/12/12 09:34 AM

I want him to tell me where I can buy The Academy EP.

guill89 04/12/12 11:08 AM

Great chat! Count me in.