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betweenvega 04/12/12 11:50 AM

Their last record didn't really do it for me, perhaps it was the production, idk.


I always have had a soft spot Greeley. Will check this out.

ParkwayTom 04/12/12 11:55 AM

Sweet. I've enjoyed the past three albums a lot.

thedairyfairy 04/12/12 12:48 PM

Last two albums have been garbage, but go west and far from the lies are fantastic. they just need to stop with the generic breakdowns.

COREhorizon 04/12/12 12:50 PM


Originally Posted by Spencer Control (Post 106237162)
Sweet. I've loved every single one of their albums, and they (with Underoath) jumpstarted my taste in heavy music, so they have a special place on my mp3 player, haha.

It's funny because they used to not be heavy at all (Far from the Lies era)

marsvoltamcr 04/12/12 01:00 PM

been listening since around the time Far From The Lies was released, and I believe every album since has been better than the last. This is one of my most anticipated of the year. Plus, it's nice they work so fast. This will be their 3rd consecutive year releasing a new album.

Spencer Control 04/12/12 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by COREhorizon (Post 106247282)
It's funny because they used to not be heavy at all (Far from the Lies era)

Yeah - that was the first I heard of them. But that's the thing - they still brought a little heavy to the table (one of the reasons I love that album so much; it's a good mix of slightly different styles - modern rock, some emo, a dash of screamo), and that really shaped how I looked at it, and (thank goodness) probably steered me away from the way many have gone in believing that, in order to be heavy, one needs chug-a-lug muted power chords and lots o' breakdowns.

prettyLUSH16 04/12/12 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by heyitskyle (Post 106241432)
I have to agree. I couldn't get in to No Rain, No Rainbow, but Go West Young Man, Let the Evil East was a solid album, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The production on the death of... Was atrocious.

This band totally bandwagoned the heavy sound, far from the lies was great and so was go west new stuff is incredibly mediocre

rocknroll365 04/12/12 07:00 PM

love how this band releases new quality music so quickly. loved let the evil go east, and death of, wasn't a big fan of no rain, but had it tracks. such an underrated band.

Eraux 04/12/12 07:28 PM

so gnarly theyre still around!

I'm DC 04/12/12 10:20 PM

I hope they go a different direction on production. Their last album sounded like fake instruments.

killbrand.com 04/12/12 10:41 PM

Yea, the production on the last albums sounds really weird. Hope they go more with the sound on No Rain, No Rainbow

InstruMETAL 04/13/12 08:48 AM

Cool didn't listen much to the last album though

lfjlol 04/13/12 09:37 AM

glad they're putting out another album. however i feel like tragic hero is not really helping them out too much. second album in a row where they didnt have a music video for it. im interested in seeing their direction. everyone loves go west, they went heavier with no rain (which i love) and then combined the two for "the death of...". i wonder if they are going to attempt a more refined version of no rain. they mentioned before they felt it was rushed and could have done a lot better at a more "strictly heavy" album. i'll end with... i've always appreciated that no matter what they go for, they always bring the "greeley" vibe to it. they may be classified in a genre that is known for not really being innovative or original but whenever i listen to greeley i know that its them and im proud of everything they've done.


Kgod 04/13/12 04:16 PM

Very excited for this, hoping it sounds similar to this last album and not so much no rain. Ryan's clean vocalist are so incredibly unique, I hope the album doesn't focus on screaming alone. I agree the production on the last two albums has been only ok and wonder if they're putting out a record to finish their current label contract. I wish this band had the backing of say rise records. Didn't know they were particularly popular overseas.