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Alex DiVincenzo 04/16/12 01:20 PM

Slaves To Suicide Silence
Watch Suicide Silence's music video for "Slaves to Substance" in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 04/16/12 01:20 PM

SuNDaYSTaR 04/16/12 01:26 PM

Awful lot of chugga going on.

Shunketsu 04/16/12 01:30 PM

These guys always make awesome videos. Does not disappoint.

seymourbuttes 04/16/12 01:51 PM

Oh great, more zombie shit...

moneymaker. 04/16/12 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by SuNDaYSTaR (Post 106434692)
Awful lot of chugga going on.

this. the guitars are not very good..

AtomicPunk316 04/16/12 03:11 PM

Will this band just go away.

mitchellam 04/16/12 04:23 PM

Thanks to Suicide Silence, I just wasted 3:50 of my life and I'll never get it back.

ParkwayTom 04/16/12 05:06 PM

Their first album is really the only thing they've done worth listening to.

TheRealJohnOC 04/16/12 06:40 PM

This kid would be incredible at Left 4 Dead.

amorning_ofsleep 04/16/12 11:00 PM

I kinda had high hopes for these guys. Guess not anymore.