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Alex DiVincenzo 04/16/12 06:07 PM

The All American Rejects Release New Video
The All-American Rejects' music video for "Kids in the Street" can be seen in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 04/16/12 06:08 PM

guitarguy211 04/16/12 06:20 PM

Cool video. It actually helped me like this song a lot more. It fit very well with the song.

ghsNICK! 04/16/12 06:20 PM

Sick vid!

smowashere 04/16/12 06:21 PM

This was pretty sweet!

ChrisCanberg 04/16/12 06:26 PM

Very cool video. Really enjoyed that.

iam1bearcat 04/16/12 06:40 PM

pretty wild video. seemed to be very TRON Legacy inspired!

aradiantsunrise 04/16/12 06:42 PM

Best song on the new album. Neat video.

Loveisa4lttrwrd 04/16/12 07:02 PM

Really enjoyed this.

dylanandtea 04/16/12 07:25 PM

best song on the album, great video. fuck yae.

fearthesloths 04/16/12 07:34 PM

wait does he not play the bass anymore?

schlotty 04/16/12 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by fearthesloths (Post 106453592)
wait does he not play the bass anymore?

Yes he does.

brainstew123 04/16/12 10:10 PM

i actually really like this song now

truthbetoldxx 04/16/12 10:24 PM

he rarely plays bass anymore sadly

zporter92 04/17/12 12:06 AM

yeah that video definitely makes the song even better. Second best song on the album next to Walk Over Me in my opinion