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Andy Biddulph 04/17/12 03:04 AM

Less Than Distortion For Reading and Leeds
Social Distortion and Less Than Jake will headline the Lock Up Stage at this summer's Reading and Leeds festivals. Also announced today were Every Time I Die, Bouncing Souls, Gallows and more. See a full list of additions in the replies.

Andy Biddulph 04/17/12 03:04 AM

Main Stage AdditionLos Campesinos!
Lock Up Stage Line UpSocial Distortion
Less Than Jake
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Bouncing Souls
A Wilhelm Scream
Every Time I Die
Saves The Day
Trash Talk
Touche Amore
Good Riddance
The Skints
Polar Bear Club
Random Hand
This Is Hell
Star Fucking Hipsters
The Flatliners
Dead To Me
Apologies, I Have None
Dance Stage AdditionsModestep
DJ Zinc

creativemind 04/17/12 03:27 AM


mrnegativezero 04/17/12 03:38 AM

I am perpetually jealous of this festival.

skanal1 04/17/12 03:58 AM

the rest of the line up sucks imo but this looks pretty good

GetUpAndrew 04/17/12 04:05 AM

Went to Reading, last year, and it was one of the best experiences of my life; the line-up was one of the weakest of the last decade, compared to the previous years, but I've had the opportunity to see playin' on stage an incredible amount of bands I love. This year...well, I really don't know. Lock-Up Stage pretty much kills it every year, but out of the 30 artists and more from the Main Stage, there are only 10 artists at best that I really wanna see playin' live, including Enter Shikari who I've already seen them last year.

leighm13 04/17/12 04:50 AM

Stoked for Apologies, I Have None. Not the best Lock Up ever and certainly not enough to get me to cough up £200.

deanster321 04/17/12 05:07 AM

This improves the overall lineup millionfold.

TheRealJohnOC 04/17/12 06:33 AM

Killer additions. I keep forgetting how gigantic Enter Shikari is over there.

InTheatersNow 04/17/12 07:01 AM

God damn that stage is awesome

domotime2 04/17/12 07:50 AM

so for Friday i could see
Cure, Paramore, anti-flag, social distortion, bouncing souls, saves the day

saturday i could see
the shins, at the drive in, billy talent, me first and the gimme gimmes, less than jake, flatliners

sunday is not my cup of tea.

id go saturday, i guess, but the three main headliners do nothing for me. this festival used to make me lose it when i was a kid

Dre Okorley 04/17/12 08:22 AM

holy jealous!

Dan! 04/17/12 09:46 AM

Los Camp main stage? Excellent.

J.Dick 04/17/12 09:57 AM

Kick ass bands for sure...that list is sweet.

dawgkta6669 04/17/12 08:46 PM

sd are fucking awful :yuk:

def one of the worst (live) bands i've had to sit though (while waiting for Foo Fighters)