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Jason Tate 04/18/12 06:13 PM

Blink 182 Post Update on TOYPAJ Vinyl
Blink 182 have posted an update on the TOYPAJ vinyl situation.
Message From The BandIt has been brought to our attention that there are copies of the blink-182 catalog on vinyl that have been preordered and the orders have not been fulfilled. Although this is not a release that we have any control over we are currently trying to rectify the problem. In the meantime we ask that if you are wanting to buy any blink-182 vinyl that you should consider not purchasing from MTS records and or SRC records until this issue is resolved. In addition to this we would suggest asking for a refund from the point of purchase if you have not received your order.

If you are interested in vinyl you can check out Interpunk

Submitted by KenneyBN

AP_Punk 04/18/12 06:15 PM


bgeez120 04/18/12 06:17 PM

did interpunk pay them for that? haha i'm really high...

bladerdude360 04/18/12 06:19 PM

Well hopefully they can put some pressure on MTS to do something, because this is getting re-god-damn-diculous!

PaintedInExile 04/18/12 06:22 PM

I'm starting to second guess my decision to order a copy of Enema Of The State yesterday.

Amongster 04/18/12 06:23 PM

What legal power do they actually have in this situation?

heyzombiehitler 04/18/12 06:23 PM

interpunk only has Neighborhoods and Buddah. seems kind of unfair for src too. not their fault.

bladerdude360 04/18/12 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by CallMeTroy (Post 106579322)
What legal power do they actually have in this situation?

Don't believe they have any. These companies purchased the rights to press their albums. I mean they can get their label to bitch out the companies (don't think SRC has done anything seriously wrong at this point and will give them the benefit of the doubt), but I don't know what that will do in the end.

PirateSkater182 04/18/12 06:31 PM

According to my cousin who is good friends with a guy who presses for Hot Topic, he's trying to get something together for a pressing coming in June. Other than that, I don't think I have ANY hope in this shitty situation.

EDIT: How do I go about a refund?

hashbrowns 04/18/12 06:31 PM

Are they ONLY referring to TOYPAJ? Or has anyone else failed to receive their february preorders of Enema, Dude Ranch and the ST through SRC?

zachff 04/18/12 06:32 PM

Yeah I don't know if lumping SRC in there was necessary...

fallingapart101 04/18/12 06:35 PM

Love Interpunk

subplotofcrows 04/18/12 06:37 PM

Well, they put SRC up on the chopping block. Kind of a shitty move because it wasn't their fault. Hope SRC doesn't lose business over this.

fishguts182 04/18/12 06:38 PM

hopefully that is the nail in mightier than swords coffin, this preorder turned into a ridiculous mess

carlyminaz 04/18/12 06:40 PM

I stood by RJ for a long time on this issue because I have always received top notch quality vinyl from MTS and he always responded to my emails. He even sent a handwritten note thanking me for an order I did on an out of stock self-titled blink vinyl. I can no longer stand by him. If I were him I would have said long ago, I fucked up. I would reply to every email, tweet, call, facebook message, etc, I got concerning the situation instead of going into hiding. He should have been releasing public statements at least once a month (if not more) concerning the situation. In fact, he should have probably went right ahead and refunded everyone's money until he actually got the vinyl in his hands and then guaranteed those people who did buy ahead of time a significant discount and a raincheck that would give them first dibs on the vinyl. He's ruined his reputation for life and he's probably lost trust from a lot of bands and professionals in the industry. FUCK THIS DUDE.